Everything Runs and Looks Better with Lucas Oil


All engines work great when they are new, but keeping them running good and looking great after hard use requires some care and maintenance. Bassmaster Elite Series pro John Murray let us about three products that can make your engines run better and two that will keep them looking clean.

Lucas Fuel Treatment

This fuel additive can be used for both gasoline and diesel engines and Murray has done both.

“When I was running a diesel truck, it was a must and you could see a noticeable difference. I got more miles per gallon and the engine just ran better,” he shares. “It was not rough at all and quieted the engine. What I like most about it is that it is easy, just add it every few fill-ups.”

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Murray now runs a gas truck and said it also helps keep it running better.

Lucas Safeguard™ Ethanol Fuel Conditioner with Stabilizers

Whether it is your truck, outboard or lawnmower, the engine that makes it go requires gas. The problem with much of the gas on the market is the quality.

“I don’t trust any gas anymore and it is because of ethanol,” Murray began when asked about how he treats his gasoline. “I add it to the gas tank in my Dodge and for my outboard. It has become part of my routine to add it when I fill up.”

This product stabilizes fuel, cleans the injectors and valves and helps to remove deposits. It also helps combat the gum formation from ethanol that can damage gasoline and hurt engine performance.

Octane Booster

The use of an octane booster is common for those who like to go fast. It can help increase miles per gallon, but using it can also compensate for lower octane gas.

“My father-in-law swears by it for his tractors. You don’t have to buy the more expensive gas and you can still get that great performance,” says Murray.

John’s wife comes from a family that is involved with corn and soybean farming in Illinois and it has opened his eyes to their way of life.

“I’m from the desert, so it was all new to me and I now can really relate to the things that Lucas Oil is doing with Protect the Harvest,” he says.

Protect the Harvest

Besides boat engines and trucks, Lucas Oil is heavily involved with the farming community and their Protect the Harvest organization that was founded by the founder of Lucas Oil, Forrest Lucas.

“I have been part of Protect the Harvest for the past four years and it is a cause that makes sense to guys. It is there to protect a way of life,” says Murray. Their mission statement says they protect freedoms and way of life for farmers, ranchers, hunters, anglers and animal owners.

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Appearance Products

Another part of maintaining his truck and boat is keeping them looking good. Murray is a fan of easy to use products that he can trust.

“I like the low maintenance products that you can do every other wash or so and that will keep them looking good,” he says.

Lucas Slick Mist Tire & Trim Shine

This spray-on cleaner fits Murray’s needs for something that is easy to use and that lasts.

“It is awesome. I spray it on about once a month and it lasts and keeps my tires looking great,” he says.

Lucas Oil Slick Mist

This spray-on wax helps to bring out the shine because it intensifies the color of paint. It also protects the surface and fits Murray’s requirements for being easy to use.

“I use it on my truck after washing it. What I have noticed is that it seems to keep the truck cleaner for longer periods after a car wash,” he says. “I don’t have to use it after every single car wash and it keeps it looking good.”

Keeping your engines running great requires some extra care, especially with the increased use of ethanol in our gasoline. Thankfully there are many products that can combat this as well as other issues that hurt engine performance. Lucas Oil makes a product for just about every issue related to engine performance and also stands for anglers, hunters, farmers and more with Protect the Harvest.

John Murray is proud to be part of the Lucas team.

“I get people coming up to me all the time when they see my Lucas Oil wrap on my boat and they tell me how much better their tractor and farming equipment runs with Lucas Oil products,” he said. “I have never heard a bad word about any of their products and know that people are using them for all kinds of things besides just boats and trucks.”