Expansion of Mega and Motion Dredge

New Lures from Marea Gear

Marea Gear is pleased to announce the expansion of our Mega and Motion Dredge fishing lures lineup. The new colors were created from the feedback given by our loyal customers who demanded more local bait to bridge the gap between Florida forage and bait fish found throughout the Caribbean.

“We feel we’ve DIALED IN the “Choice” dredge bait and extremely confident in delivering the highest performing and most realistic swimming dredge baits on the market. ”, says M. Rodriguez – (Co-Founder).

Built to mimic the exact undulation and frantic movements of a live bait ball found offshore. Every Mega Dredge bait features natural colors, 3-D eyes, (2x) Strong – Double Dyneema body, and an 8pc Segmented body allowing for maximum movement. The real inspiration behind everything was the forage swimming in our local waters, said the Marea team. We create Dredge fishing lures designed to help anglers RAISE and connect with more saltwater gamefish including Sailfish,Tuna,Mahi-Mahi, and MORE.

Now Available in 2 sizes : 5.5" and 9.5, the Motion Segmented dredge baits feature TRUE swimming actions that drive gamefish like White Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, King Mackerel and a slew of other saltwater species to strike without hesitation.

Offered in a variety of (6) NEW native baitfish patterns including Smoked Mullet, Goggle Eye, Natural Mullet, Spanish Sardine, Skipjack Tuna, and Dorado.