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For those of you who would like to try tournament fishing or who are new to tournament fishing, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to The Bass Federation and possibly answer some frequently asked questions. The Bass Federation is not a newly created organization or circuit. Since 1968 independent Bass Federations have worked together to support the grass roots growth of fishing. The Bass Federation (TBF) is proudly partnered in fishing with FLW Outdoors. The FLW Outdoors organization has a stellar tournament pedigree and has consistently supported competitive bass fishing in the west since the Operation Bass-RedMan Tournaments of the early 1980’s. Forty seven states are represented by TBF Divisions:

Northwestern Division (consisting of ID, MT, OR, WA, WY)

Southwestern Division (consisting of CA, AZ, CO, NV, UT)

North Eastern Division (consisting of IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, SD, WI)

Central Division (consisting of AR, KS, LA, MS, MO, NE, OK, TX)

Eastern Division (consisting of CT, ME, MA, NH, NY, RI, VT, ON)

Mid-Atlantic Division (consisting of DE, MD, DC, NJ, PA, VA, WV)

Southern Division (consisting of AL, FL, GA, KY, NC, SC, TN)


Q1 “Is it necessary to drive long distances to compete”? Not necessarily, it depends on where you live. For example: California has several regions from Northern California to Southern California and  each region hosts four tournaments each season. Region #1 (Delta) has four tournaments on the California Delta. Region #2 (Big Valley) holds tournaments on Pine Flat, Lake McClure, Don Pedro & Bass Lake. Region #3 (No Cal) holds tournaments on Lake Shasta, Lake Oroville, Clear Lake & Lake Berryessa. Region #4 (Motherlode) holds tournaments on New Melones, Lake Camanche (2x) & Lake Pardee. Region #6 (So Cal) holds tournaments on El Capitan, Lower Otay, Lake Skinner & Lake Hodges. Region #7 (Central CA) holds tournaments on Castaic (3x) & Pyramid. So you see, you can drive to lakes you wish to compete on outside of your area or you can fish closer to home. TBF covers almost every area of California that has a body of water large enough to host a tournament!


Q2: “Do I need to use vacation days to compete during the week? No. California Bass Federation holds an official practice day on Saturday and each regular season tournament is held on Sunday so you are back to work on Monday!


Q3: “Doesn’t bass fishing require me to own an expensive bass boat”? Not the case. California Bass Federation tournaments are defined as “draw tournaments”. That means for every boat owner (boater) competing, we must have a non-boat owner (no-boater) competing. At the beginning of each tournament boaters and non-boaters are paired together via a random drawing. The boater is entitled to fish 1/2 of the day anywhere they would like and to navigate the trolling motor. Conversely the non-boater also entitled to fish 1/2 of the day anywhere they would like and to navigate the trolling motor. Through the flip of a coin or a mutual decision the two decide which half of the day they desire. The practice of pairing boaters and non-boaters greatly discourages and diminishes the possibility of dishonesty during one of our events.


Q4: “Is the cost of competing in California Bass Federation tournaments very high”? The cost of competing in a California Bass Federation tournament is comparatively low. The entry fee is only $70.00 per event. If you wish to increase your potential for higher earnings you can participate in the optional big fish prize or enter the top five or top three options.  In these cases you simply add an additional $10.00 for each option. When your compare Federation entry fees to other circuits – it’s comparatively low.


Q5: “What is the experience level of the anglers in the California Bass Federation”? The experience level ranges from anglers who are new to the sport; to competitive weekend tournament anglers; up to anglers who consistently compete at the highest level of tournament fishing in California and who aspire to make tournament bass fishing a career. Some of our anglers have won FLW Rayovac Series tournaments! Translation, the opportunity to learn on the water from experienced anglers is unlimited.


Q6: “I’ve seen tournament fishing on television. Do all bass circuits in California provide a direct road leading to national circuits? No. As a matter of fact – most do not.  See the chart below:




Q7: “When does the Federation tournament season begin”? The first tournament of the season will be held by the Northern California Region #3 on November 16th. The tournament will be held on Lake Shasta. If you wish to participate in this event contact Mac McCullough at: macmccullough@att.net. The entry deadline for this tournament is November 10th 2014.


Q8: “What do I need to do to get started in the California TBF”?  You should visit our web site at: www.californiabass.org for regional information, tournament dates & times, entry forms, rules and contact information. For information today, you can also contact Mac McCullough at: macmccullough@att.net


So, The California Bass Federation is accessible, affordable, educational, very competitive and provides a road to national visibility. What are you waiting for?



Mac is the Region #3 Tournament Director for CBF

Visit our web site: www.californiabass.org

Or contact Mac at macmccullough@att.net