Face Protection Unlike Anything Before - Fish Hedz

It was a pleasure to be able to attend 2004 ICAST/LAS VEGAS. Here is the second product featured on WesternBass.Com from the show and what I felt was truly the most innovative, Fish Hedz.

Finally, a Way to Avoid the PAIN of Having Your Face PELTED by Rain, SMACKED by Bugs and Getting WATERY Eyes on the Way to your Favorite Honey Hole!

Save your face from rain that feels like a 1,000 needles stinging your face, watery eyes from the cold wind, sudden extreme pain from hitting bugs @ 60+ mph, your face being windblown from that 60+ mph one-hour boat ride and the ringing in your ears from the howling wind -- for less than $100!

NO more goggles that FOG UP. The Fish Hedz lens WILL NOT FOG UP, so you feel safe instead of sorry! How much are YOUR eyes worth…?

NO more soggy ski masks! Fish Hedz will keep you dry and comfortable for the entire day of fishing. It’s easily stowed in your tackle bin, glove box, under the seat or just hang it around the throttle. It’s lightweight, very comfortable and doesn’t get in your way. And of course, it looks COOL!

Since there's no such thing as a dumb question, here goes a few...

I have a big head, will Fish Hedz fit me?

We designed Fish Hedz to Fit 98% of the world's population. If you fit in this 2%, chances are it won't fit you. If your hat size is more than 8 1/2 it definitively won't fit.

Do the lens fog up?

NO, they don't fog up while you are driving. We designed our mask with NO vent holes to prevent rain and cold air coming in and hitting your face. But more importantly, we designed the mask to fit snug, not tight, around your eyes using special injected foam prohibiting the lens from fogging up. We tested the mask in 38-70 degree weather temperature while driving 50-75 mph and it didn't fog up once! Similar to air going over an airplanes wing, the same up draft prevents your breath from fogging up the lens.

Are the lens interchangeable?

YES! All of our current lens can be interchangeable to any mask you choose.

Is this a helmet?

NO, It's not a full face helmet; it's similar to a hockey goalies face mask that protects the front of the head and face. There's a strap that goes over your head, similar to a goggle strap that keep the mask from coming off your head.

Will it fly off while I'm driving?

We tested the mask while driving over 75+ mph looking all directions, even backwards and Fish Hedz didn't budge. No, it won't fly off your face while driving and if it does...SLOW DOWN!

How hard is it to put on?

It takes less than 5 seconds to put it on. Like ski goggles, simply slip the strap over your head and it's on.

What if I don't like it?

Within 30 days you can send it back for a full refund less shipping charged. Please note that all returns sent without the instructions, materials, and packaging will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Can I use this for welding, weed eating, chopping wood or other miscellaneous purposes?

Fish Hedz is meant ONLY for traveling in a boat. NOT for any other purpose. Fish Hedz or its affiliates are NOT liable for any damage or injury while using this product.

Will it fit over my glasses?

YES! It will fit over sunglasses or prescription glasses.

For more information, check out http://www.savephace.com/.