Fall Fishing Tips with Bryan Thrift

Blade Baits & Tiny Bait Fish - Bryan Thrift

 Bass University was on Lake Norman with local angler Bryan Thrift. In this on-the-water bass fishing class, Bryan shares an awesome technique for hard-to-catch bass that are feeding on small forage. This is a situational/seasonal tip, but when it happens (and it often does in the fall), you can load the boat and possibly win a tournament by taking advantage of Bryan's advice. In this video, Bryan Thrift has located an area where several predatory fish species are feeding on small shad. While not every catch is a bass, and as Bryan says, "catching fish is fun", so this is an excellent technique for catching numbers of white perch, crappie, hybrids, and white bass along with spotted, smallmouth, and largemouth bass if you're out fun fishing.