Fish On Kids Books Releases Fifth Book in Series

Crystal Bay, MN - The stories continue with the fifth book in the popular Fish On Kids chapter books series. Just released in paperback and e-book format is Born to be Wild by K.J. Houtman. Targeted for eight to 12-year-old readers, the books showcase the fictional, outdoor adventures of Gus Roberts.

The series is chronological and begins with book number one-A Whirlwind Opener on the fishing opener in early May. Each book takes the reader further into the calendar year as outdoor adventures change right along with the pages on the calendar. Born to be Wild, book number five, begins on Labor Day weekend. For the fictional Roberts family (as well as many non-fictional Minnesotans), that means cheese curds, everything-on-a-stick and Sweet Martha's chocolate chip cookies at the Minnesota State Fair. Soon school starts back up and then Gus' birthday is just a few days away. Turning 12 brings a chance to compete in a professional fishing tournament. As readers learned in earlier books, Gus has been saving and planning for this big event all summer. Finally the time is here! Will it be everything he's dreamed about, or will untimely adventures get in his way? Kids are invited to come along on the wild ride that unveils big surprises for birthday-boy Gus, including a few trips and presents he won't soon forget.

Families and schools alike sing praises for these books that embrace positive character building and enjoyment of the outdoors. Kids love the fast, page-turning adventure stories. Parents enjoy a positive message that embraces the outdoor sports of fishing, camping, hunting and wildlife.

"My taste in wildlife and hunting art goes to images about which I can say, 'I know that spot. I've been there.' That's the same thing I love about K.J. Houtman's Fish On Kids Books, particularly the newest adventure Born to Be Wild," shared Bill Miller, professional hunter and conservationist with Bill Miller Outdoors. "Houtman skillfully uses real places, real adventures, and real emotion to tell a wonderful story you'll be proud to have your kids read ... and you'll really end up enjoying yourself. I read Born to Be Wild on a recent hunting trip, and it was the cause of me getting to the woods late the next morning. I couldn't put it down until I'd read the last page the night before!"

"That's high praise," shared Houtman, who's fourth book in the series, Duck, Duck Deuce received third place accolades in the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers (AGLOW) Awards-In-Craft Competition in September. "Embracing a life-long love for reading and enjoying the outdoors are both goals. To have the praise from incredible outdoor writers like Miller and AGLOW members means a great deal."

The paperback books have a suggested retail price ranging from $10 to $11 and are available at independent book stores, gift shops and sporting good retailers as well as online at New outlets are always welcome. Some non-profit groups use the books for fundraising efforts-like the National Professional Anglers Association (NPAA) or FM Walleyes Unlimited. E-books are available at or for $2.99 or $3.49 each.

Houtman is a member of Association of Great Lake Outdoor Writers (AGLOW), Southeastern Outdoor Press Association (SEOPA) and Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) as well as Midwest Independent Publishers Association (MIPA). Discounts are available for school orders of 24 or more books, and wholesale pricing is available for bookstores, gift shops or non-profit groups. For more information check out or contact K.J. Houtman at (612) 710-5584, or email:

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