Fishing Reel Maintenance Video

“Finally, reel repair and maintenance techniques simplified”

Yantis, Texas – July 30, 2004 – Lake Fork Tackle Repair, a nationally recognized source for expert rod and reel repair services has produced a first of it’s kind video: “Fishing Reel Maintenance”. This video will quickly and easily teach any angler a fail-safe methodology for cleaning and repairing any reel on the market today.

Connie and Tommy Kilpatrick, the proprietors of Lake Fork Tackle Repair, run one of the most respected and successful rod and reel repair businesses in the country. They also offer a training program for entrepreneurs wishing to open their own tackle repair business. Today many graduates of this program are running their own successful rod and reel repair businesses around the country using the very techniques and methods now being shared in the ‘tell all’ video, “Fishing Reel Maintenance”.

Connie and Tommy have more than demystified the disassembling, cleaning, repairing and reassembling of today’s technologically advanced fishing reels; even more importantly, they’ve made the entire process simple enough for anyone to learn. With the cost of today’s fishing reels skyrocketing and the cost of maintenance keeping pace, this video will more then pay for itself the very first time its techniques are put into use.

“Fishing Reel Maintenance” ($29.95 DVD, $24.95 VHS) does not stop at just disassembly, cleaning and reassembly; it offers a wealth of valuable information on the identification and function of reel components, and how they work together. It also includes a helpful chart of “Simple Solutions for Common Problems”, tips for general reel maintenance and a useful log for tracking all maintenance records.

Now in their second decade of leadership in quality reel repair services and courses for business entrepreneurs, the Kilpatricks have decided to share their time tested secrets with any angler who wants to own the repair and maintenance of their reels.

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