MINNEAPOLIS (April 2, 2004) — FLW Outdoors remains committed to conservation in 2004 through its partnership with the FishAmerica Foundation, the conservation arm of the American Sportfishing Association. FLW Outdoors will continue to donate $5,000 for each of its seven Wal-Mart FLW Tour events as well as for a variety of its other sanctioned tournaments. The donations go toward conservation efforts to benefit tournament host sites. For the Wal-Mart Open taking place this week on Beaver Lake, the contribution will go to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, which will use the money to construct and place PVC fish shelters near the lower end of Beaver Lake. The PVC fish shelters will provide habitat and cover to act as fish attractors.

Beaver Lake is a popular fishing destination for many Arkansas residents as well as anglers from Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. The addition of fish-attracting cover for anglers to target will help Beaver Lake remain a popular destination for recreational anglers as well as tournament trails like the Wal-Mart FLW Tour.

“Our goal at the FishAmerica Foundation is to create a way for anglers to give back to the communities that they visit and the waters that they fish,” said Johanna Laderman, managing director of the FishAmerica Foundation. “FLW Outdoors has been a committed sponsor of conservation efforts on lakes that host its tournaments. FLW Outdoors’ contributions really exemplify what we are about, and they show how anglers can give back and create great fishing on the lakes year-round.”

In 2000, FLW Outdoors announced its partnership with the FishAmerica Foundation, and since then, FLW Outdoors has directly donated approximately $200,000 and helped to generate more than $1 million for local conservation projects.

“FLW Outdoors’ intention in partnering with FishAmerica is to have a positive impact on the fisheries and host cities where our tournaments are held,” said Charlie Hoover, president and CEO of FLW Outdoors. “FLW Outdoors wants to leave the host lakes of our tournaments in better condition than when we arrive for both the current and next generation of anglers. The effort on Beaver Lake will help kids and first-time anglers catch fish and will hopefully hook them into a lifetime of fishing.”

FLW Outdoors is the industry’s premier provider of sport-fishing tournaments, including the Wal-Mart FLW Tour, the world’s most lucrative bass-fishing circuit; the EverStart Series, known as the gateway to the FLW Tour; the Wal-Mart Bass Fishing League for weekend anglers; the Wal-Mart Texas Tournament Trail; the Wal-Mart RCL Walleye Tour, the world’s most lucrative walleye-fishing circuit; and the Wal-Mart RCL Walleye League for weekend anglers.

Wal-Mart serves as the title sponsor of FLW Outdoors as it has since 1997. For a complete list of FLW Outdoors sponsors and more information about them, please visit FLWOutdoors.com’s sponsor page.