BENTON, Ky. (Jan. 28, 2005) – Not since Jacques Cousteau have fish seen this many cameras, and never before have fishing fans seen tournaments with this much FOX attitude. Outdoor programming will never be the same when “FLW Outdoors” debuts Feb. 6 on FSN. The one-hour show featuring complete coverage of the $7.6 million Wal-Mart FLW Tour, $2.6 million Wal-Mart FLW Walleye Tour, $1.9 million Wal-Mart FLW Redfish Series and $1.7 million Wal-Mart FLW Kingfish Tour as well championship coverage from the $6.24 million EverStart Series and the $8.4 million Wal-Mart Bass Fishing League airs Sundays at 11 a.m. EST, 10 a.m. CST/MTN. Check local listings for PST airings.

Each of these tournament circuits is administered by FLW Outdoors, the world’s leading fishing tournament organization offering more than $30 million in awards through 214 events in 2005. In the past, fishing fans following the tournament scene have seen cast after cast followed by an angler reeling in a fish – not the total picture. FSN changes that for good by using high-tech camera innovations that leave fans feeling as if they are part of the action.

Viewers following the FLW Tour will be there every step of the way from takeoff to last cast, riding alongside the world’s top bass pros for every critical decision and standing beside them for every crucial cast, as they battle from the front decks of the tour’s Ranger Z-Comanche Series boats on seven of the nation’s top fisheries.

Some of the Rangers used in the final round of FLW Tour competition will be equipped with underwater cameras to show the epic struggle between angler and fish from a whole different perspective. FSN will also utilize two additional cameras that capture clear video 25-feet underwater. These cameras will provide not only tremendous video, but an enormous benefit to anglers watching at home, who will see in greater detail how the pros present lures to entice strikes when a $100,000 to $500,000 payday hangs in the balance.

FSN camera boats will shadow every competitor in the final round of FLW Tour competition, and FSN boats following some of the finalists will be equipped with 12-foot pole-mounted cameras to show the exact angles competitors take as they run down a bank or flip to hard-to-reach cover. Additionally, FLW Tour finalists will wear small cameras on their hats for the ultimate in close-up action.

Since the Ranger Z-Comanche Series boats used on the FLW Tour travel at high speeds, a blimp just wouldn’t cut it for overhead shots. Instead, FSN will use a helicopter to provide the most detailed coverage possible of how pros sprint from takeoff to their respective hot spots.

Viewers following the FLW Walleye Tour, FLW Redfish Series and FLW Kingfish Tour will also see their favorite sport brought to life in a way that previous television coverage never has.

“FSN brings FOX technology, along with the finest producers and directors in the world, and takes fishing coverage into the 21st century,” said George Greenberg, FSN executive vice president of programming and production, who is also serving as the show’s co-executive producer, along with Gary Garcia and David Kiviat.

Kiviat is a veteran television producer/director and seven-time Emmy Award winner with extensive sports experience. Kiviat has worked on ABC’s “Wide World of Sports,” the Olympics and the Super Bowl. He has directed BCS bowl games and Triple Crown horse races.

“David Kiviat is one the most creative producer/directors I've ever worked with. His coverage of tournament fishing on FSN will be groundbreaking to the viewer,” Greenberg said. “Gary Garcia is an innovative producer whose technical expertise makes every project at FSN come alive.”

Garcia has been with FSN for nine years and has overseen major events such as the Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament, Showdown at the Sands poker tournament and the American Poker Championship, the only poker tournament ever telecast live. Garcia also serves as executive producer for FSN’s boxing coverage.

To learn more about the exciting world of professional fishing, watch “FLW Outdoors” every Sunday at 11 a.m. Eastern time on FSN or visit FLWOutdoors.com   

About FLW Outdoors

Named after the legendary founder of Ranger Boats, Forrest L. Wood, FLW Outdoors administers eight national tournament circuits offering more than $30 million in awards through 214 events in 2005. The 27-year-old organization is the purveyor of America’s largest and most prestigious fishing tournaments, including the Wal-Mart FLW Tour, Wal-Mart EverStart Series, Wal-Mart Bass Fishing League, Wal-Mart Texas Tournament Trail, Wal-Mart FLW Walleye Tour, Wal-Mart FLW Walleye League, Wal-Mart FLW Kingfish Tour and Wal-Mart FLW Redfish Series.

Wal-Mart and more than 40 of America’s largest and most respected companies support FLW Outdoors and its tournament trails. Wal-Mart signed on as title sponsor of the FLW Tour in 1997 and today is the title sponsor of all FLW Outdoors events. For more information on FLW Outdoors and its bass, walleye, redfish and kingfish tournament programs, visit www.FLWOutdoors.com.

About FSN

FSN reaches more than 82 million homes through its network of 20 regional sports channels. FSN, based in Los Angeles, serves as the cable TV home to 62 of the 82 MLB, NHL and NBA teams based in the United States and produces more than 4,600 live events each year. In addition to home team games, FSN telecasts a wide variety of national sports events and programming, including “Best Damn Sports Show Period,” “I, Max” and “Beyond the Glory.” For the latest up-to-the-minute sports news and opinions, visit the FOX Sports/FSN Web site at FoxSports.com.

About Fishing

Approximately 52 million people (or one out of every six U.S. residents) fish, making fishing more popular than golf and tennis combined. Anglers annually spend more than $35 billion in pursuit of their sport. Black bass is the most sought after species of fish in the United States.