BENTON, Ky. (Jan. 15, 2004) – FLW Outdoors announced Thursday a joint effort with BassMedics that will help ensure the health of tournament-caught fish and further enhance FLW Outdoors’ already impressive 98 percent live-release rate in 2004. BassMedics, a division of OSP LLC, manufacturers Rejuvenade, the revolutionary proactive livewell formula that revitalizes and rejuvenates bass and game fish under tournament conditions.

BassMedics’ Rejuvenade replenishing solution replaces the energy lost by a fish during landing so that the fish can resume active feeding and metabolic functions when released back into the water. As the exclusive livewell additive for FLW Outdoors, Rejuvenade will be used in holding tanks at 175 FLW Outdoors events in 2004 as well as in the release tanks of an all-new, state-of-the-art Crestliner release boat outfitted with equipment supplied by Yamaha, Ranger, Garmin and Aqua Innovations.

“Our products are endorsed by some of the nation’s premier tournament fishermen, and our partnership with FLW Outdoors, the world’s premier tournament organization, will only serve to further our reputation as the livewell additive of choice,” said Joey Couvillion, co-owner and vice president of research and development for OSP LLC. “We are dedicated to improving the health of tournament-caught and tournament-released fish, and we are proud to be associated with FLW Outdoors, a leader in conservation.”

Samples of Rejuvenade will be available for competitors at the Wal-Mart FLW Tour season opener Jan. 21-24 on Lake Okeechobee near Clewiston, Fla., as well as at the Wal-Mart RCL Walleye Tour season opener and the championship events for both tours. Bottles of Rejuvenade will also be available for purchase at all FLW Outdoors events in 2004.

“Making BassMedics a presence at all FLW Outdoors tournaments was a logical step in our continuing effort to ensure the highest live-release rates possible,” said Charlie Evans, executive vice president of FLW Outdoors. “BassMedics’ Rejuvenade is cutting-edge and is without a doubt the most effective livewell additive on the market, and we are happy to use their products exclusively in our own boats and holding tanks along our tournament trails.”

BassMedics was formed for the sole purpose of designing and marketing products to improve bass health after release and to maximize the bass-fishing experience for all anglers. For more information on BassMedics and Rejuvenade, visit their Web site at bassmedics.com or call (866) 944-BASS.

Named after the legendary founder of Ranger Boats, Forrest L. Wood, FLW Outdoors is the nation’s leading marketer of competitive fishing. The organization administers the Wal-Mart FLW Tour, the EverStart Series, the Wal-Mart Bass Fishing League, the Wal-Mart Texas Tournament Trail, the Wal-Mart RCL Walleye Tour and the Wal-Mart RCL Walleye League. For more information about FLW Outdoors, visit FLWOutdoors.com or call (270) 252-1000.