FOCL Night Tournament #1

Castaic Lake, CA - May 31 2002

Well, it is finally here, the first night tournament of the year. I love night tournaments. The bite is usually pretty good and you usually catch the bigger fish. Truth be told, it's just another opportunity to fish. (Smile) Anyway, I head up to the launch ramp early with my family. I figure I will take Marcus, my good luck charm, and let him draw my number. Well, so much for a good luck charm--he drew 97! I was looking for number 1. Oh, well. During my pre-fish, I came across a spot that was holding some good fish. In a night tournament, if you got a good spot you want an early draw because you are not allowed to go on plane in a night tournament. You can only go 5 mph so the earlier boats get to the spots first. So here we are. I am fishing with my good buddy David Toth. We are sitting in the boat watching one boat after another head in the direction of our good spot. Oh, yeah, tonight is my chance to really test the STEALTH CHARGER. Night tournaments are really hard on your trolling motor. Everyone I have ever fished with, you usually have a dead trolling motor by the end of the night. I have installed one on David's boat so we will see.

Well, it is finally our turn and we are off. God must be on our side because we are pulling up to our spot and there is no one on it. Amazing. I think it was the second or third cast and we had a fish in the boat. I am shaking and drop shotting a Riverside 10'' Ribbon Tail worm while David is drop shotting a DC black Magic red flake 6" worm. Also, as you can imagine, it is a night tournament so it is dark and you only have the moon for light. One of the tricks we do is we use black lights to help us see better. We also tie a flashlight to the pole of the net so we can see the fish when we are netting them. We had an incredible night of fishing, catching probably 20 fish. David brought some fresh fruit from his garden and I brought the ritual dry roasted almonds. We finished in 11th place and got a check. We weren't able to stay for the ceremonies because we were both doing a double header. It was 3 o'clock in the morning and we had to jump in the car and head for Lake Casitas, two hours away. We need to be there for a 5 am check-in so we are off. By the way, the trolling motor is running as strong as it was when we started. Go STEALTH!

Thank you to my sponsors Evinrude, Kaenon, Kinami, Kinesys, Phenix, Lowrance, Pradco, Stealth and Stratos.

Jeremiah 33:3