G.Loomis adds another ICAST winner to PRO4x series


G.Loomis is never far away when the awards are being handed out at ICAST and this year’s event proved no different with the company picking up the Best New Fly Rod for the third year running. The Shimano-owned company took this year’s prize for the latest development in it PRO4x series with two new 10ft nymph rods and three 9ft 6ins big water trout/salmon/steelhead rods. “All are four piece rods which are light and have a fast recovering NRX tip section,” says Steve Rajeff, Global Chief Rod Design Specialist for G.Loomis. “The PRO4x is a high performance series that both experienced and novice anglers will appreciate, enabling them to drive narrow loops into wind for long distance casts, while retaining the feel of the rod loading for controlled presentation at shorter range and line mending.” With the added sensitivity from the NRX tip section and longer length for more reach and control, the new nymph rods include three-weight PRO4x 1203-4FR and four-weight PRO4x 1204-4FR. The technique of maintaining slight tension and contact to your fly during the drift and instantaneous hook set speed capability is deadly. The three-weight is ideal when using small flies and light tippets, while the four-weight is best for larger ones. These fast action rods are tuned for maneuvering nymphs into pockets and runs in small rivers and streams and are also capable of firing tight loops for added casing distance and accuracy. For big fish and big water situations, where a longer rod is an advantage – floating tube action, mousing for monster rainbows in Alaska, summer steelhead and silver salmon – the three 9ft 6ins PRO4X fly rods include the six-weight 1146-4FR, seven-weight 114704-FR and 1148-4FR. Ideal for float-tube or pontoon boat use, the PRO4X 1146-4FR is designed for swinging streamers or drifting stoneflies and using indicators. “It’s an extremely versatile rod, able to handle floating sink-tip and full sinking intermediate flies,” adds Rajeff. “And when the trout are in tight, it loads nicely at 20ft – plus it’s ideal for long line mending on big rivers.” The PRO4x 1147FR is described as a great all-round big water rod that will handle summer-run steelies, single-hand dry fly action and big rainbows. “Anglers will appreciate this rod where the wind and fly size means a bit more power is needed over finesse. You can lift and roll a lot of line with little effort,” says Rajeff. Big and powerful, the smooth casting PRO4x 1148-4FR is designed to fish salmon and steelhead, plus big-water trout in windy conditions. “You will notice that the extra length provides better line control and it can also handle large, bulky wind-resistant flies. All of the new PRO4x fly rods are backed by the G.Loomis ‘Wild Card’ programme, an option first offered on the NRX rods to provide anglers with a one-time-only free replacement should they accidently break it – no questions asked. In addition, like all other G. Loomis rods, they feature a limited lifetime warranty for the original owner