-- G.Loomis’ IMX bass rods are officially being introduced on Feb. 21 at the 2014 Bassmaster Classic Outdoor Expo in Birmingham, Ala. On that Friday, both retai

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WOODLAND, Washington USASpecial 2014 Introduction – Available Feb. 21, 2014  --By being one of the first rod manufacturers to use higher modulus graphite and higher tensile strength in blank design, the IMX bass rods put G.Loomis on the map among bass anglers back in 1985. What this meant to anglers were rods noticeably lighter, more sensitive and much stronger than early graphite rods. Now with new IMX graphite technology and new concepts in rod design available, G.Loomis introduces a complete new line-up of IMX bass rods – 34 models each in the right action and power for every bass fishing technique. The rods are being introduced to bass anglers this coming weekend – Friday Feb. 21 through Sunday, Feb. 23 – at the Bassmaster Classic Outdoor Expo in Birmingham, Ala., and will also be available from select tackle dealers starting Friday.

            Offered in ‘Jig & Worm’ casting and spinning rods, ‘Mag Bass’ casting rods, Carolina rig, Flip/Punch technique, swimbait, umbrella rig, spinnerbait, topwater and jerkbait casting rods, plus spinning models for DropShot and ShakyHead use, the IMX bass rods “provide a new level in weight reduction, sensitivity and strength so more bass anglers can enjoy the G.Loomis experience,” said Bruce Holt with G.Loomis’ product development team.

            “We use precision tapered mandrels to finely tune the actions for specific bass fishing techniques. We’re able to make the blanks as much as 15-percent lighter than our previous IMX,” Holt said. “Plus bass anglers – and that includes many of us here at G.Loomis – will really enjoy the added comfort and control, along with the skinny grip rear cork that note only gives these rods a unique look, but also helps reduce weight.

            G.Loomis finishes the IMX bass rods with Fuji K-Frame running guides to help prevent line wrap. Holt also points out the guide train spacing and guide size not only reduces the rod’s weight, but also improves overall balance.

The new IMX series – all one-piece - includes nine ‘jig & worm’ casting rods (6’8” – 7’1” – 7’5” lengths), and four ‘jig & worm’ spinning rods (6’8” and 7’1” lengths); three ‘Mag Bass’ casting rods in 6’6” and 7’ lengths; a 7’3” Carolina rig casting rod; four Flip/Punch casting and four swimbait casting rods in 7’6” and 7’11” lengths; two 7’7” umbrella rig casting rods for use with up to 80-pound test PowerPro braid; two 6’9” spinnerbait casting rods; 6’8” topwater and 6’9” jerkbait casting rods; along with two DropShot and one ShakyHead spinning rods in 6’10” lengths.

No matter the lures used and the techniques needed to entice a bass to bite, “we have it pretty well covered with the new IMX rods,” said Holt. 

            As with all G.Loomis rods, the IMX Series is manufactured in the USA. For more information on the new IMX bass rods, visit gloomis.com, call 800/GLoomis, or stop by your nearest G.Loomis tackle dealer.



Suggested retail: from  $295 to $315