Gamakatsu introduces new product lines

New Floats and innovative hooks coming soon

Here's the third preview from the 2005 ICAST/Las Vegas show featuring an assortment of fishing goodies from Gamakatsu. New hooks and floats for your fishing pleasure.

Firetip Floats

Gamakatsu is expanding its reach outside of the hook business and introducing a new line of lighted Floats. These aren't just your everyday, ordinary lights floats. The Firetip Floats feature a soft rubber top that's extremely durable and has an LED light inside of it that is so bright it can be seen over 100 yards away.

There's no light bulb to break or burn out and the body of the float is made from high impact plastic to withstand abuse from rocks and docks and is designed to be super sensitive to pick up those soft bites. The sensitive nature of the float also helps prevent fish from detecting the float until they've had a chance to fully take the bait.

Each float comes with a swivel and clip and can be rigged either as a slip float or in a fixed position. Diagrams and rigging tips will be available on Gamakatsu's website

The Firetip Floats are being introduced in a small and large size to accommodate different amounts of weight and each comes with a high quality, long life lithium battery. Gamakatsu will also be selling replacement batteries in a two pack.

Magic Eye Treble

Gamakatsu new Magic Eye Treble will make upgrading the hooks on large hard baits much faster and easier. The eye on the Magic Eye Treble has a special shape that is designed to open split rings. The top portion of the eye has a tapered flat portion that easily fits between the wires of the split ring and with one little twist, separates them and the hook slides right on.

SImply push the hook onto the split ring while, at the same time. pushing the old hook off. There's no need to dig around looking for split ring pliers anymore. In addition to the unique design of the eye, the MAgic Eye treble features everything else anglers have come to expect from Gamakatsu like three sticky sharp points and very strong steel. The Magic Eye is a 2x strong, round bend design and comes in a corrosion resistant NS Black finish and a very attractive Red finish. It's available in sizes 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0.

With the invention of our new state of the art sure-grip split handle design, you will experience more confidence and stability while setting the hook on big fish. The light weight material in our new handle will allow for even more sensitivity and feel, allowing you to feel bites like never before.

Ringed Live Bait Hooks

Gamakatsu is also introducing two new series of Ringed hooks for live bait fishing. The ring is a one piece ring with no weld and no rough edges to fray leaders. It has the corrosion resistant NS Black finish and is extremely strong. The ring helps add movement to live baits and allows them to swim more naturally especially when using heavier lines that may stiffen the action of the hook.

The Live Bait Light is one of the two series of hooks that Gamakatsu is adding a ring to the eye of.

The Live Bait Light is a thinner diameter hook designed for smaller, more delicate baits that might tear easily and when lighter lines are being used. This series will run in sizes 6 through size 1. The standard Live Bait hook is the other one being introduced with a ring. This hook is heavier and thicker and is designed for bigger baits and heavier lines. The ringed Live Bait is available in sizes 2 through 2/0. All hooks are NS Black finished.

More information is available at or by calling (253) 922-8373 x300.