Hogan's University How to Fishing Clinic

Hogan's University
How to Fishing Clinic
Saturday, July 26th 2003
10AM - 5PM
1500 Contra Costa Blvd.
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

(Pleasant Hill, CA) PARENTS, TEENS and KIDS, ever want to know how to actually apply some of those fishing methods you've read about or have seen on television? Always hearing stories or seeing the pictures of the ones that didn't get away? Well this is your chance to learn the secrets and techniques from some of the best anglers around. HOGANS is having a FREE HOW TO FISHING CLINIC. We will be exploring both Freshwater and Saltwater techniques. Covering methods on trout, bass, striped bass, albacore, catfish and just about anything that you can fish for in our local waters. On Saturday, July 26th, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM some of our favorite names in the fishing industry will be here at Hogan's to answer your questions, and to give you tips and offer advice. This list of pros will include: Sheldon Bright from The FishSniffer Magazine; Bobby Barrack, the first name in Delta bass fishing. This bass pro will help you go from just frog fishing to catching toads; Gary Moralas, a Scotty downrigger expert; Mark Lassagne, an avid angler and speaker for ESPN radio and local guide; Andy Cuccia, local guide and pro angler, and the man who made JIG fishing his middle name. Then there is Vince Harris who recently began heading up the Future Pro Tour - Team Tournaments. His goal is to set a pace and place for anglers of all ages to fish for fun, gain knowledge, and open a path for a future as a pro. From competing regularly on highly regarded bass tournament trails to downrigging techniques to drifting bait on the bay, Hogan's has your interests and your favorite type of fishing covered! Now keep in mind that these are only a few of the outstanding pros that will be joining us. They are all professionals in their respective fields. In addition, we will have giveaway's, a prize per hour drawing, beautiful new boats and free barbequed hotdogs. So clear your calendar for Saturday, July 26th, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.