A Hollow Body That Swims!

A Hollow Body That Swims!
Fish love vegetation! Whether it’s lily pads, hydrilla, milfoil, or any kind of grass you can name, fish live there and feed there. But few lures are made to fish that kind of cover efficiently and effectively … until now!
The traditional hollow-bodied topwater is great, but they can be a little slow to fish, and they lack the built-in action that lets an angler cover water quickly … until now!
The Snag Proof Zoo Wake is a hollow-bodied topwater bait that doubles as a wake bait. Just cast it out and wind it in and through anything! Its unique swimming action kicks through grass, pads, hydrilla or whatever else could hold a good fish! The Zoo Wake combines the best features of a traditional hollow-bodied frog and a soft plastic swimbait, giving the fish something they’ve never seen before.
And we all know the value of showing fish something new.
The Zoo Wake is an all-terrain lure that covers the kind of water and cover where big fish live and feed. Its unique design causes the tail to swing erratically on the surface or kick seductively like a fleeing baitfish or frog, displacing water and getting attention.
There’s nothing else like it. It’s going to change the way anglers fish heavy cover.
And though it’s great as a topwater bait, it’s more versatile than that. Slide a few BBs into the body cavity, and the Zoo Wake will sink and penetrate fish-holding cover while still navigating it perfectly … without getting snagged!
The Snag Proof Zoo Wake debuts at ICAST. Look for it in the New Product Showcase and in the American Baitworks booth (#1623).
The Zoo Wake is the next big thing in heavy cover fishing.