How-To Ride the Weather Rollercoaster

Bassmaster Elite pro Ish Monroe gives a lesson in layering for the conditions

An angler doesn't have to spend over 200 days on the water each year to know that they often have to endure cold mornings that warm into heated afternoons. Air temperature swings can vary 10, 20, even 30 degrees or more during a fishing day; all the while conditions can dump heavy showers, scatter mild sprinkles and gusts of winds at varying mph. Fishermen must learn to adapt to the ever-changing environment and for purposes of comfort and mobility, those adaptations must include their apparel.

As an extension of themselves, a fisherman's clothing from their outerwear to their underwear becomes one more tool of an angler's arsenal and for Bassmaster Elite Series and FLW Tour pro Ish Monroe it becomes one more necessity to another day on the job. Monroe carries his Simms gear on the road in his River2Sea wrapped truck, so that he is always ready for anything that mother nature throws at him. .

For Monroe, learning how to layer with Simms products has provided ultimate comfort, allowed for quick changes and enabled him to have maximum movement. He shared some of his layering favorites at the Simms Day on the Delta seminar as seen in the below picture.


In the below video, Monroe gives a lesson in his winter layering technique from top  to bottom - from his Waderwick Boxers to his Stretch Balaclava, Monroe shows which ones he wears, when he uses 'em and what he carries on board to help fishermen in all parts of the country ride the weather rollercoaster.


Monroe isn't the only Delta local that put the Simms Gear to the test. Frogmaster Bobby Barrack also dons the brand and revealed that the bibs that he currently wears have seen bass catchin' action on over 800 days on the water. Barrack is shown with the bibs that keep on tickin' beside John Sherman of Simms at Simms Day on the Delta.

As a user of Simms products for the past five years, Barrack noted that one of the best things that he has taken away from his usage of the line was learning how to dress. Whether it be for sun, sleet, snow, wind or rain with the help of Sherman, Barrack can prepare for the day's weather and adjust on a dime. 

Check back in the heat of the summer, for the next video presentation as Barrack passes on the clothing tips that Sherman shared with him.