How UV Light Works

I’m going to discuss a little bit of how UV light works, and why Tightlines UV Tackle baits get bites. Now, I’m not a scientist, so this is the way I, as a professional angler, have learned how it works, and how I can apply it on the water.

There are two kinds of lure colors that can be used in fishing lures; those that react to natural light and those that do with UV light waves. Natural light doesn’t penetrate as deeply into the water as UV light does, and it can be affected by many of the factors that change the water itself. Muddy water can make a naturally colored bait nearly invisible, but a UV Tackle bait will be visible to bass in the same water.

From what the guys at Tightlines UV Tackle tell me they have learned in their studies, a naturally colored lure in muddy water might only be visible to within one inch. However, the same type of lure infused with UV Technology can be seen three to four feet away.

How does that help me as an angler? It helps me by knowing that the fish I am fishing for can see my lure. Why is the sight factor so important? It’s important because sight has proven to be the number one triggering factor that makes bass strike.

Scent and vibration have been proven as factors as well, but they are not nearly as quick to draw strikes as the visibility factor. Tightlines UV Tackle began investing in creating lures with UV Technology because they believed that the visibility of lures had been a relatively untapped area, and one that could make the most immediate impact.

Scent on lures has been attributed to making a difference, and many companies have invested a lot of money to come up with the perfect scents to try and make a difference when it comes to generating strikes. The problem with scent is that it is slower to reach the senses of a bass in the water, and environmental factors change its effectiveness.

Windy days create current, as does the natural current flows of the water, which can spread the scent out in the water and make its not meet its desired target; the bass’ nose. The same can be said for lure vibration, water color may not affect the ability of fish to feel the lure, but they still need to be able to see it to eventually take it in.

Visibility of a lure is the fastest way to generate explosive and aggressive reaction strikes from bass, and Tightlines UV Tackle is creating a whole new way for anglers to take advantage of the way light reacts with its aquatic environment.