Interactive Multi-Vu™ System adds live underwater video

Tune in to the Aqua-Vu® Channel!

Interactive Multi-Vu™ System adds live underwater video—and endless entertainment— to your ice house TV

Crosslake, MN – Anyone who thinks ice fishing is about numb toes and staring at a single hole in hardwater hasn’t stepped inside one of the ultramodern, amenity-stacked ice fishing houses. We’re talking mobile luxury campers you can park right on top of your favorite fishing spot. Pour a cold drink, flick on the TV and put your feet up as you jig for a meal of walleyes.

Wait, TV? On a frozen lake?

Now playing on thousands of flatscreens across the ice fishing belt, the Multi-Vu Underwater Camera System serves as a real-world underwater livestream device—except the on-screen action originates from the water below your boots, as opposed to via Wi-Fi. Simply deploy the high-definition Aqua-Vu optics and watch big fish inspect, chase and chomp your lure, live.

The Multi-Vu Camera System transforms any video-enabled device into a live underwater viewscreen.

“The popularity of fishing in wheeled ice houses is at an all-time high,” says Aqua-Vu president, Kolt Ringer. “On some lakes, entire neighborhoods pop up, as hundreds and even thousands of the mobile houses create little fishing communities. Almost every one of them is equipped with power and a big screen TV. For entertaining your kids or your buddies out there—even when the fish aren’t biting—a Multi-Vu camera system is becoming standard equipment. Watching fish and your lures underwater provides an undeniable fun factor you have to experience to believe.”

High-def Aqua-Vu optics feature a specialized lens and advanced image filtering software.

Compatible with any HDMI-video enabled TV, the plug-and-play Multi-Vu Pro Ice House Package includes an advanced Aqua-Vu HD (720p) underwater camera with 75-feet of cable and exclusive XD™ housing, compatible with value-added accessories such as the XD Pole Cam Adaptor. Opti-RX lens and Auto Clear Technology augment the image for the sharpest, clearest underwater video in all conditions. The camera is also equipped with adjustable infrared (IR) lighting for expanded low light visibility.

A waterproof camera control box features a 110-volt/12v power connection, HDMI digital video output and camera and light controls. The Multi-Vu Pro Ice House Package also includes waterproof HDMI and power cables.


“The Multi-Vu functions a lot like an underwater trail camera,” adds Ringer. “Anglers use it as an early warning system that shows those first walleyes or crappies that move in to your area, signaling the start of a feeding window. You learn so much about fish activity and their response to different lures when you have an eye-to-eye perspective of the underwater landscape.

“It’s funny that folks equip their ice fishing houses with a TV so the kids can stay entertained with streaming movies and shows,” he says. “But when you switch the flatscreen over to the underwater fishing channel, they forget about Netflix altogether.