JACKALL LURES New Product Overview 2014 Introductions

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iProp 75 Sinking Double Prop Bait – 2014 Bassmaster Classic Expo IntroductionAs bass anglers discovery the effectiveness of spybaiting – an ultra-finesse technique to target suspending fish, Jackall Lures introduces the new iProp lures, sinking double prop spybaits available in seven key fishing attracting colors.

            With front and rear props keeping the lure horizontal in the water, along with giving resistance to keep it in the strike zone longer, the iProp 75 features two bottom-hanging treble hooks – the rear hook is position so as not to interfere with the rear prop.

            At 3-inches in lengths, and at 3/10-ounce in weight, the iProp 75 baits are offered in the following colors – wakasagi, bluegill, chartreuse back glitter, ghost minnow, threadfin shad, oikawa and secret shad. To properly fish the iProp ‘spybait’ lures, Shimano/Jackall combined on the Poison Adrena PA266L and PA266ML spinning rods, and anglers can also try the Shimano Expride EX264ML and EX266L spinning rods. iProp suggested retail: $14.99


Kawashi Mikey 140 Swimbait – Featuring Jackall’s unique curved lip design, the new Kawashi Mikey 140 swimbaits enables anglers to crank it deep while deflecting cover and potentials snags.

Offered in six colors including ayu, trout, pink piraruku, black piraruku, jungle and ghost pearl gill, the Kawashi Mikey 140 has an enhanced three-piece jointed body design for life-like swimming action, plus the feather hooks act as fish attractants – especially the rear hook which resembles the tail of a baitfish.  – MSRP: $24.99


• Jockie 120 Topwater Minnow – Combining topwater design with jerkbait action, the new Jackall Jockie 120 is offered in six colors – HL aurora black, chartreuse shad, ghost minnow, SG threadfin shad, SS shad and bluegill.

            A topwater lure with a jerkbait-type action, the Jockie 120 has a diamond shaped lip allowing it to dive straight with a quick turn of your reel, plus its bottom cup makes a popping sound when the lure hits the water. Its rear moving weight system means long casting distances for a pop, dive and roll action, plus a unique inner scale molding design provides for fish-attracting underwater flash.  – MSRP: $14.99


• Super Eruption Spinnerbait – Jackall brings its most advanced spinnerbait to the U.S. and Canada anglers with the new Super Eruption. They are available in both 3/8- and 1/2-ounce sizes, and are offered in eight colors – noike green back, wakasagi, black back chartreuse, white, bluegill, pearl chartreuse, peanut craw and tidal craw.

            Featuring a reverse tear drop blade that spins immediately when it hits the water, the Super Eruption spinnerbaits are constructed with 0.8mm SUS304 stainless steel wire for transmitting vibrations, while the contrasting front and back colors on the blades help attract bass in stained water conditions.  – MSRP: $15.99


• Spade Jig T.G. – Anglers will ‘feel the life’ with Jackall’s new Spade Jig T.G. tungsten rubber jigs. Available in both 3/8- and 1/2-ounce sizes, the jig features a unique pre-bent silicon skirt that perfectly imitates the legs of crawfish.

With a weed guard to minimize snags so it can be fished in light cover, along with a spade shaped design to keep it standing, the Spade Jig T.G. comes in eight colors - sniper pink purple, black/blue, black/purple, green pumpkin chartreuse, amber craw, watermelon candy, green pumpkin candy and grass shrimp.  – MSRP: $9.99

• Darts Hog Softbait – The ‘secret weapon’ among big bass anglers in Japan crosses the Pacific with the introduction of the Jackall Darts Hog softbait. Now available in the U.S. and Canada (starts shipping to tackle dealers in early August), the four-inch crawdad imitation plastic is constructed with high floating material that keeps the tail upright, plus the phantom color tail can be split for added versatility.

           Offered in eight colors – watermelon/pepper orange tail, green pumpkin pepper, crawdad, black blue flake/chartreuse trail, cola red flake/blood tail, green pumpkin/gold chartreuse tail, black blue flake/purple tail, and pearl white clear chartreuse - the Darts Hog performs to its optimum when rigged on Jackall’s new Spade Jig T.G.  – MSRP: $4.99


Product Line Additions…

• Squadminnow 80 Jerkbait - A key lure in Cliff Pace’s arsenal in winning the 2013 Bassmaster Classic, the Jackall Squadminnow jerkbaits are now offered in a new smaller size – the 3.4-inch 80SP. It features a body shape and weight system to create stable balance in the water, allowing for the lure to suspend while having precise stop and go action.

            The 80SP is available 15 colors – the new HL clown and matte pearl white colors also being offered in the Squadminnow 95SP, 115SP and 128SP jerkbaits – along with AL shad, SS shad, pearl ayu, Tennessee shad, HL black/gold, SG threadfin shad, ghost minnow, chartreuse stripe ayu, chartreuse shad, purple chartreuse, HL aurora black, super shad and secret shad.


• DD Squirrel; Soul Shad – now offered in new colors – HL crown, matte pearl white.


• 0 footer Cherry, D Cherry, DD Cherry; Aska 50SR, 60SR, 60SR  – now offered in new colors – blueback chartreuse, ghost crawfish.