Jig Game Plan

Photo: FLW

Jigs Hold Prominence In Monsoor's Game Plan

Tom Monsoor has a lot of crankbaits; several thousand, by his estimation. He has every style and color imaginable — some of which would fetch a tidy sum on the antique market. Despite this mini museum of crankbait collection, Monsoor’s tough bite go-to is actually a jig.

“It’s a good strategy when you don’t have anything working the way it’s supposed to,” Monsoor said.

Interesting, but this is not a new concept; Monsoor’s been a jig devotee for several decades. So much so, he makes his own signature series baits and recently employed three different styles in his victory at the Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit Super Tournament on the Mississippi River.

“I was fishing anything and everything I ever caught a fish on because all of my good stuff that I found in practice didn’t produce a bite the first morning of the tournament,” Monsoor said. “At noon that first day, I said ‘This ain’t working,’ so I picked up those three jigs and went fishing.”