Keepin' it Kleen

It’s hard for me to get excited about cleaning and I know I am not alone. However, one thing I do not mind cleaning is my boat. if I am not fishing, being around my boat for any reason is the next best thing. I found out about line of cleaning products from a company called Bio-Kleen that covers everything I would need to make sure every part of my boat is cleaned and looking good. I have tried just about every brand out there but still had not settled on one product, I have tried some great ones and some I hated, so this would be a good test to see how it compares. The following is my experience with five of their products specifically designed for boats.

About Bio-Kleen

The “bio” in Bio-Kleen is for biodegradable and you guessed it, it is safe for the environment because it does not leave any lasting chemicals. I had honestly never really thought about it too much, but the soapy chemicals we use for cleaning are probably not the best for the environment and water system as it drains. To me, if a product works as good or better and does not leave anything behind, why wouldn’t you use it? The real test would be to see how it works as I feel that this is the most important decision for boat owners.

The Bio-Kleen product line is almost overwhelming as there is really a product for just about every piece of the boat you can imagine as well as for many other products you need to clean. Even with some many choices, they are all easily broken down into what they are used for and what you would clean with them. To simplify my review, I tried out the Water Scum Line Remover, Fiberglass Cleaner, Black Streak Remover, Boat and RV Wash and the Spray Wax.

Fiberglass Cleaner

While this says fiberglass cleaner, it can really be used anywhere. They claim it also works great on aluminum boats and even around the house (showers and kitchens), but I have not tried that yet. On my fiberglass boat it has been great. A quick spray and wipe down has removed just about everything I have tried to clean including water spots, algae lines and even spilled fish attractant. If you have ever used chartreuse dye for your baits you know it can leave a nasty stain on white fiberglass. I was relieved when the fiberglass cleaner was able to take away a faded stain of JJ’s Magic dye from a few weeks ago. Overall, this product was great.

Black Streak Remover

The Black Streak Remover has a more limited use but still works great. Like the name says, it will remove any black streaks from grease or even from straps on your boat cover. I have found the best use of on the lower unit and trailer tires where there may be oil marks and on the lower unit. It is also a degreaser so it can be used anywhere you have greasy stains, not just on your boat.

Water Scum Line Remover

My Legend Alpha 199 bass boat is white so it gets plenty of scum lines, especially when I fish certain lakes during the summer. One of the best product I have found so far for this problem is the Water Scum Line Remover from Bio-Kleen, it works as advertised. Simply spray it on and let it sit for a moment and wipe it down, it does not require excessive work to get it clean.

Spray Wax

The Spray Wax is probably my favorite of all of the products I tried out from Bio-Kleen, it is very easy to use and really makes the boat shine. It is a detailing spray that will remove dust, smudges and water spots. I use this after spraying and wiping it down with the fiberglass cleaner or after washing the boat with the boat wash.

Boat and RV Wash

I typically do not wash my boat near as often as I spray and wipe it down, but when I do it is nice to have a product made for boats. The cool thing about this wash is that it will clean without removing any wax you may have on your boat. I found it easy to use and it got the job done the one time I used it. This product is a highly concentrated wash, so one bottle will last.

All of the products I have used from Bio-Kleen work and are easy to use. If I had to choose just one, I would go with the fiberglass cleaner because it is so versatile, but I will continue to use all of them.

Pricing and Where to Buy

The pricing is relatively inexpensive for quality boat cleaning products as all of them start under $10.00 for a small spray bottle, with the exception of the Black Streak Remover that is more since the smallest bottle is 32oz. The price goes up with size but the good thing is that they are available in bulk if you like it and want to stock up and just refill your spray bottles.  There are several dealers in California as well as some in Washington and Oregon and also numerous dealers around the Lake Havasu area. All of the products can also be found at

Cleaning is usually not someone’s idea of fun, but keeping your boat clean can make it look good for years to come and help your resale value when it is time for a new one. I have been very pleased with all of the products from Bio-Kleen and would recommend them to anyone looking to try out a new cleaning product and help to save the Earth a little at the same time.