Lake Mead Fishing Report: Summer 2002

Bass Class with Mike Folkestad

Lake Mead is still dropping about 6" a week. Nobody seems to know when its going to stop. The current lake elevation is 1159 feet and surface temperature at the dam is 79 degrees in the morning. There is an algae bloom and the water clarity is to about 15 feet so there is a little coloration, which has improved the fishing, holding the fish shallower. The launch ramp at Callville Bay has been graded and is in good shape. You can launch about 10 boats at a time.

I spent four days fishing and the bite is good averaging about 30 fish per day.

Topwater in the morning is fair for walking baits and chugger type baits. The Yamamoto Jig bite is fair down to about 35 feet on ledges. The worm bite is great on Roboworm Folkestad specials suing dropshot, carolina rigged, split shot or texas rigged. The drop shot is catching numbers but on the small side. Some of the other methods should be used to catch the larger bass.

There is a secondary brush line just starting to come out of the water where there are some spinnerbait, jerk bait and topwater fish but at the rate the lake is falling it will be out of the water by August 1st, so this bite will slow down. The water is dropping so fast that the grass we have had the last few years doesn't seem to hold any fish. Look for the shad school and the bass will be around somewhere.

Good Luck