Lamiglas teams up with Future Pro Tour for 2004!

Future Pro Tour Tournament Trails, the largest and fastest growing amateur team circuit in the west, is proud to announce its partnership with Lamiglas rods for the 2004 season!

Lamiglas, makers of the finest freshwater and saltwater rods in the world, will be the official rod sponsor of the Future Pro Tour, and will provide their superior rods, as prizes for anglers competing in the Tour’s upcoming 7-event season that opens in March 2004. Lamiglas will also be a big part of the incentive package that will be awarded to the Future Pro Tour’s 2004 Angler of the Year winners.

“We are definitely glad to be a part of the Future Pro Tour, and are very excited about the opportunity to help the “grass roots” angler become better acquainted with our line of products”, said John Posey, national sales director for Lamiglas.

John’s words ring very true in that quality tackle is not just for the pros. The “everyday” or “grass roots” angler, although mostly fishing for fun and smaller prizes, is every bit as serious about doing well during an event or while “fun fishing” as are the pros. And, sub-standard equipment is about the quickest way there is to discourage even the most enthusiastic angler.

Lamiglas has expanded and improved its already broad and extensive line up of bass rods for the 2004 fishing season, beginning with the Skeet Reese Series signature rods. These models used by Reese to help him to win the B.A.S.S Harris Chain Tournament in 2002, vary from the 7’ 3” power spinning model to the two casting models designed for Senko’s, topwaters, worms and spinnerbaits. Skeet is a 4-time qualifier for the prestigious BASSMasters Classic, a member of the Future Pro Tour’s Pro Support Staff, and lifetime user and advocate of Lamiglas rods.

We want to welcome Lamiglas aboard the Future Pro Tour, and look forward to providing our members with the opportunities to wrap their hands around one of the finest fishing rods available! Remember…some of Lamiglas’s pro staffers are also members of the Future Pro Tour’s Pro Support Staff, and will be conducting seminars before many of the Future Pro events. Come on out and see how THEY use these rods to help put themselves in the winners circle!

Lamiglas Pro Staff/Future Pro Tour Pro Support Staff members are:

· Skeet Reese
· Kent Brown
· Tony Franceschi
· Robert Lee

See you all on the Tour!

Vince Harris – Director, Future Pro Tour