Larry Dahlberg Signs with Mud Hole for 13 TV Episodes

OVIEDO, Fla., -- Larry Dahlberg, one of fishing's best all-around educators, is teaming up with Mud Hole Rod Building & Tackle Crafting for 13 TV episodes of his Hunt for Big Fish on the Outdoor Channel.

Dahlberg's 22nd year on national TV kicks off the last week of Dec., and first week of January 2014. He has fished in over 80 countries and is in the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, a winner of the IGFA Conservation Award and the Federation of Flyfishermen's Hanshall Award.

Within each episode Mud Hole is sponsoring a "Larry's Workshop" segment where he explains and demonstrates what he used during the show, the rod's dynamics and how the viewer/do-it-yourselfers can build a finished rod with help from Mud Hole's specialists.

"When we introduced the segment eight years ago, it was an instant hit with about 3,000 inquiries," said Dahlberg. "We're going to approach rod building from a way that's never been done," said Dahlberg. "We'll take various rod blanks and finished rods and show how they deflect under load. I have a series of things we've develop to show our viewers."

A self-admitted tinkerer to make angling fun, he uses the sciences, math and physics to gain an advantage while pursuing big fish around the world. Larry gave an example of a 7 ½ ft. stick that can throw lures from 3/8 of an oz, up to 3 ozs. The rod weighs just 5 ozs yet he's used it to catch fish from 200 lb tarpon to peacock bass, muskie, pike and more and is able to generate over 30,000 rpms with a baitcasting reel and a 2 oz spoon.

"It has to do with maximizing the Trebuchet effect, or catapult dynamics," he said, "where the rod hinges where it will load. I'll pit my mechanical engineering skills to anyone in the tackle industry.

"On the show we breakdown angling to strategy, tactics and mechanics and we'll get into the dynamics of fishing rods. This year we're visiting Colombia for cubera snappers and sails, giant tarpon in Trinidad, huge Minnesota muskies using modified saltwater techniques, Bimini bones while hunting for the inventor of the Bimini twist, and giant bluefin tuna on stand up in Prince Edward Island while covering leverage with 'rail rods' in the workshop segment."

Mud Hole is also designing a line within its MHX brand called the Larry Dahlberg Hunt for Big Fish rod blank series. "These are not the same as the XYZ pros' custom endorsed rods. These are things I've been thinking about for 45 years," Dahlberg said.


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