Launch Frog for 2020

Launch Frog in High Demand By Anglers As Fall Frog Season Heats Up

Ocean Springs, Mississippi – When the product development team at Scum Frog decided to design a new series of frogs, they took a new approach with a focus on innovation, performance and component design, rarely seen in the hollow body frog category.

To achieve this, the team centered its design around hook-up ratio and castability – two critical features that go into the best performing top water products in the world.

More hook-ups with every strike

To maximize hook-up ratio, the team went with a “secret” hook known amongst many professional tournament anglers – the Owner 9 Series Red Hook. The 9 Series Hook is a unique design with a hook angle not seen in other generic frog hooks. The Owner 9 Series is extra deadly thanks to the Launch Frog’s high-compression body, that ensures that the hook gets maximum exposure when bass strike.

Go further! 3-2-1 LAUNCH!

The castability in a super soft, high-compression rate frog is an immense engineering challenge. Scum Frog bodies boast the highest compression rate in the industry, which also makes them lighter. The team knew that they couldn’t compromise on compression rate. Even with the Launch Frog’s wide-body design getting the weighting and balance right was a delicate balance.

The team researched and tested multiple weight systems before designing our proprietary “Parasite Tungsten Weight System,” which adds weight without bulk to the Series 9 hook shank. The Parasite Tungsten Weight System also optimizes balance in the frog during the cast and on the water by attaching to the Series 9 Hook to ensure the weight will not shift on even the hardest cast or after multiple fish catches.

These design innovations, coupled with hand-designed, digitally-painted color patterns and finished with a premium 40-strand silicone skirt tail, for added flaring action, resulted in Scum Frog’s most successful new product introduction to date and has become coveted by frog anglers across the country – The Launch Frog is all about performance – truly a tour-level frog with a price that is affordable for every angler.

The Launch Frog debuted in March at the 2020 Bassmaster Classic and is one of the hottest selling products in the industry with retailers like Tackle Warehouse repeatedly selling through inventories at an incredibly pace since its launch, six months ago.

The Launch Frog comes in 8 colors with a value MSRP of $8.49. Available now at Bass Pro ShopsTackle Warehouse and Cabela’s as well as independent retailers across the country – ask your dealer today for the Launch Frog from Scum Frog.