Simple to Corral and Easy to Catch


Spawning baitfish lay approximately 20,000 eggs annually.

Approximately 18,000 will hatch and become YEARLING.

Of those, half will be consumed by predators.

Approximately 30% will be consumed as juveniles.

In the end, less than 15% will survive to spawn.

YEARLING are abundant.

YEARLING are simple to corral and easy to catch.

While scouting Lake Hartwell in Greenville, SC for the upcoming 2015 Bassmaster Classic, Elite Series pro Stephen Browning put LIVETARGET'S Yearling to use.

"As an angler, a key to matching the hatch is to remember that not all baitfish spawn at the same time of the year, so the sizes of the baitfish vary," said Browning. "This lure can mimic hatch throughout the whole year. I don't want to give out too many secrets; but I think that the jerkbaits will definitely play a big role."


Browning elaborated on choosing the color for his Yearling. "I try to determine my color by water clarity," he stated. "In dingier waters, I lean to the chartreuse hues. In water that is extremely clear, I incorporate some of the translucent colors. The key is to apply the lure to the body of water that you're going to fish. A fish won't be able to make true eye contact with a translucent lure in dingy, stained, muddy or off- colored water."

Gary Abernethy of LIVETARGET further examined the color schemes unique to the Yearling design. "The Yearling lure is built around the actual anatomy of tiny, hatching baitfish. This includes definition of both reflective and translucent areas on each individual fish built into the baitball motif on each lure. This extreme definition provides multiple "flash points" that help make for the unique appeal in the BaitBall lure family. Colors to this "match-the-hatch" detail provide the angler ways to make the lures more effective across the various water and weather conditions that they encounter in daily fishing conditions.



·         Pearl/Natural

·         Silver/Black

·         Pearl/Violet Shad


·         Pearl/Olive Shad

·         Gold/Black

·         Pearl/Violet Shad


·         Blue/Chartreuse Shad

·         Chartreuse/Black


The Yearling spawned from the LIVETARGET BaitBall family of lures, touting some of the most life-like lure patterns ever created.

"It is designed out of the anatomy of the hatchling with underdeveloped eyes and translucence in the body of the fish," explained Abernethy. "True to the LIVETARGET core principle, we didn't just reduce the size of the eyes, put them on the lure and call them Yearlings, we actually changed the anatomy (the size, the appearance) of the fish themselves."