Livewell Buddy® Now Ships Free

Angle’s Brest Livewell Buddy® Now Ships Free

DANVILLE, Ala— The popular Angler’s Best Livewell Buddy is a flexible, floating net that allows the fish to move freely through circulated water. It easily fits in any standard livewell, or it can easily be attached alongside a boat, canoe or kayak that is not equipped with a livewell to store your catch or your bait fish. And it now ships free!

Retrieve your entire catch at once by simply pulling the Livewell Buddy flotation ring from your livewell. There is no need to net or handle the fish, which eliminates the dreaded “fish splash” and “finning” injuries. For culling the smaller fish, the Livewell Buddy is a non-invasive alternative to conventional cull systems. After culling the smaller fish, simply drop the Livewell Buddy back into the water or your livewell.

The new Livewell Buddy is ideal for freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, kayak or canoe fishing or anywhere else that fish need to be kept alive in water. It can also double as a bait basket for larger bait fish or hard-to-catch bait fish. It only takes seconds to drop in a livewell, and is ideal for everyone from the tournament fisherman to the weekend warrior. The Livewell Buddy’s flotation ring also allows it to be used in open water while bank fishing, surf fishing or wade fishing.

The multi-purpose Livewell Buddy is currently available at for a suggested retail of $39.99 for a single or $69.99 for a two-pack and both ship FREE of charge for a limited time. Be sure to order soon to take advantage of this great opportunity.