LOUDBUZZ Buzzbait is loud

The Ultimate Design in Buzzbaits is Here

Ever Green’s LOUDBUZZ Buzzbait is loud, tracks straight, and fishes from slow or fast

Cypress, CA  – Buzzbaits are nothing new…and won’t be going away anytime soon. Why? They flat-out catch fish. No other lure can spit as much water rhythmically on a straight retrieve. And oftentimes, it’s this consistent whirring and spraying that captivates fish.

New for 2021, Ever Green, a Japanese designer of highly refined baits, introduces LOUDBUZZ. A classic buzzbait at first glance, LOUDBUZZ is constructed of premium components that not only endure hearty strikes, but also deliver a best-of-class performance.  

LOUDBUZZ’s custom offset aluminum prop throws a wave of water while keeping the bait tracking on a straight plane. The prop is affixed with an aluminum rivet and mounted on a stainless-steel shaft, yielding unmatched toughness.

Daiwa and Ever Green pro Cody Meyer is a big fan of the new LOUDBUZZ, having caught countless fish on the MLF Tour thanks to its premium, fish-attracting performance.

Meyer comments: “For starters, the name is LOUDBUZZ, and it’s extremely loud. I’ve always liked loud buzzbaits, not the quiet ones. With the LOUDBUZZ you really aggravate the fish and draw them in from a far distance and thick cover. Second off, because of the keel design, the LOUDBUZZ always tracks straight and looks more natural, and the hook-up ratio is really, really good because of the way it tracks. A lot of buzzbaits will track off to the side, to the right or left, not so with the LOUDBUZZ.”

“The LOUDBUZZ also tracks straight and spits a lot of water at slow speeds. Most buzzbaits on the market you have to really crank to get that blade moving and keep the bait on the surface. The way the LOUDBUZZ is designed with the big blade and the whole head configuration, you can work it slow and keep it on top. It also features a premium hook, and I feel like we nailed it with the colors for any fishing situation. And all of the skirts are handtied. I’m just super impressed. It’s really a deadly buzzbait—everything I’ve been looking for in one and more.”

Daiwa Field Marketing Manager Marc Mills sums up the bait, “With the LOUDBUZZ, our lure designers worked long and hard on creating the ultimate design in buzzbaits. The goal was extreme volume and accuracy in tracking and solid hookups in a bait design that would draw strikes whether worked fast or slow.”

“One feature that may not stand out to a lot of anglers but is the shape of the head, which allows the bait to plane and come to the surface quickly and keep LOUDBUZZ in the strike zone longer. Also, the angle and design of the blade is a huge factor, much like the combination of the bow and the propeller of your bass boat. The result is a one-of-a-kind buzzbait that caters to the needs of pros and everyday anglers alike—and we know it’s going to quickly become a go-to lure.”

If you’re a fan of frantic surface strikes, you’re going to want to add the new Ever Green LOUDBUZZ to your arsenal—it’s one bait that promises loads of topwater mayhem…

Ever Green’s new 3/8-ounce LOUDBUZZ comes in eight proven patterns, including Green Pumpkin, Fire Craw, White, Black, White Delight, Chartreuse Shad, Clearwater Shad and Golden Shiner. MSRP is $16.99.

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