Lowrance Screenshot Interpretation | Bass Feeding on Baitfish | Rock Formations That Attract Smallmouth and More with Brandon Card

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Brandon Card is adept at paying close attention to what he sees on his Lowrance screens and turning that information into catching more bass. Here, he breaks down three screen shots and explains what he sees.

Lowrance Screenshot #1 | Bass Feeding on Baitfish

“The big green blob on the right side of the screen is a large brush pile or tree.  There is also a school of bass feeding on baitfish above the brush pile,” Card shares. “On color palette 13, green means that the object is dense. The green arches tell me that they are larger fish and most likely bass. A few of the smaller arches may be crappie.”

Card is able to tell that the fish are feeding just by how it looks on the screen. “The reason that I know the bass are feeding on baitfish is the streaks up the screen. Streaks mean that the bass are swimming fast and chasing something. All the tiny red arches and dots are medium sized baitfish.”

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Lowrance Screenshot #2 | Rock Formations That Attract Smallmouth

DownScan shows everything under the boat, including the type of rocks. “This image is a huge rock formation and it looks like some of the ones I have seen in natural lakes up north that were formed by glaciers,” says Card. “Usually this type of rock is extremely hard and smooth (like granite). Smallmouth love to hang out around these types of rock formations.”

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LOWRANCE SCREENSHOT #3 | Large Baitfish in a Big Brush Pile

This image was taken with standard 2D Sonar. “The image is of a big brush pile with large baitfish, that are probably white bass, crappie, or bluegill. These are shown as the red arches,” says Card. “All the purple dots around the red arches are tiny baitfish or maybe even same size fish as the red arches, but just on the fringe of the sonar cone. When things get marked on the fringe they show up small and very faint.”

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