Lowrance Screenshot Interpretation | Concrete Slab | Mid-Sized Baitfish | Bottom Comp Change

Reading Lowrance Electronics with Luke Clausen

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Luke Clausen shares his interpretation of three different Lowrance screenshots.

Lowrance Screenshot #1 | Lowrance StructureScan Concrete Slab

This StructureScan image shows views to both sides with one side being much deeper. “It looks like a slab of concrete or rock because of the bright return. You can also see a small ball of bait under the boat,” adds Clausen.

Lowrance Screenshot #2 | Lowrance 2D Sonar Mid-Sized Baitfish

In this shot from Lowrance 2D Sonar, there are multiple arches shown that indicate fish. “The way that they are positioned and size of them show me that they are midsized baitfish. To me it looks like perch or bluegill,” says Clausen.

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Lowrance Screenshot #3 | Lowrance StructureScan Bottom Composition Changes

This is another StructureScan shot with a change in bottom composition. “The small indentations in the bottom on the right of the screen are what you normally see with bluegill beds or if there is decaying vegetation, but it is too deep for both of those.  It is most likely a change from to a muddy bottom,” he theorizes.

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