Lowrance Screenshot Interpretation | White Bass | Rock Shoal Transition | Deep Flat with Jordan Lee

Lowrance Screenshot Interpretation with Jordan Lee

2017 Bassmaster Classic champion Jordan Lee spends hours at a time idling while looking at his Lowrance units.

With so many different technologies available with Lowrance units, he uses everything available to him to locate and catch bass. Here, he breaks down different screenshots and explains what he sees in them.

Lowrance Screenshot #1 | Lowrance 2D Sonar White Bass or Shad

This image was taken with Lowrance 2D sonar and shows several different things. Lee said, “these are baitfish of some sort on top of a high spot. When the fish are suspended like that they are usually not bass and most likely they are white bass or shad.”


Lowrance Screenshot #2 | Lowrance StructureScan Rock Shoal Transition

StructureScan was the technology for this image. Lee says that this is a rock shoal with baitfish on top. “There is a transition on the right side of the screen where it goes from rock to sand or smooth bottom. It also looks to have some grass on top of the shoal as well,” he said.

Lowrance Screenshot #3 | Lowrance DownScan Deep Flat

This image was taken while using DownScan and shows a deep flat in 22-feet of water. “If you look at the end beginning of the image you will see a small drop. On top of the flat, there are a few rocks with bass on top,” shared Lee.

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