Mann's Stone Jig

Details matter. Just ask Mike Iaconelli - he designed this unique standup jighead, the Mann's Stone Jig, with a series of ridges to give it a natural craw look and feel and to create a different vibe. It helped crown a champ at the '03 Classic! Integrated line tie and sturdy 30-strand brush guard for weedless premium silicone skirt.

Mann's Bait Company's Stone Jig has ridges in the body that offers more water displacement, plus the ridges trap air that makes the jig throw off a different vibration as compared to those with smooth head designs.

The ridges also give the jig a natural craw look and feel. The flat head makes it a stand up jig and it's great for skipping.

The silicone skirt colors are co-ordinated with a 3 step paint process that give this bait one of the best finishes on the market.

Iaconelli says his two favorite ways to throw this jig are pitch skipping and swimming. Pitch skipping allows the Stone Jig to reach back under cover. Swimming the Stone Jig is another super method, especially for suspended fish. This involves slowly pumping the the jig in a horizontal motion through the water column in a waving motion. According to Iaconelli anglers should keep swimming the jig at different depths until the fish are located.

The Mann's Stone Jig is available in four sizes: 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 ounces and in eight colors; Black/Blue, Black/Chartreuse, Green Pumpkin, Natural, Hot Craw, Milos Special, and Delta Special.