Mask Donation Program from AFTCO

AFTCO Mask Donation Program A Big Hit

After looking at many successful 1:1 give-back models, we felt compelled to create AFTCO's own Buy 1, Give 1 Mask Program. Each mask purchased results in a donation to an organization or community member in need. What we did not expect in the process was the overwhelming response we'd receive!

Through this program, our customers and partners in retail have absolutely risen to the occasion, helping donate 35,000 fishing face masks5,000 KN95 masks and 170,000 disposable masks. As of September the 50,000+ AFTCO B1G1 fishing masks purchased have resulted in 200,000 mask donations. We are blown away by your support and cannot thank you all enough for helping to make a postive impact within our communities.

We have learned a lot during this journey, including how thankful we are for the fishing and outdoor community. As we coordinated the distribution of masks with some of our retail partners, we quickly found that many were thankful for the fishing masks, but a disposable style mask better suited their needs. In these instances, we donated at least 3 disposable masks for every 1 fishing face mask sold.

These masks have been donated to police and fire departments across the country, the Department of Natural Resources, retirement homes, homeless shelters and dozens of other local community organizations. However, we need your help in finding additional homes for these masks. If you are a member of an organization in need of non-medical face masks or know of one, please email

Agencies Served & Feedback

The opportunity to provide these masks has inspired our employees and provided a sense of purpose to help wherever we can during this challenging time. The overwhelming positive feedback we have received has bolstered our camaraderie with so many fellow Americans.

In addition to retail stores and local businesses, we have shipped masks to agencies on the frontlines of serving our communities - predominantly police and fire departments across the country. These are some additional organizations we have worked with to coordinate mask donations:

  • The Department of Natural Resources
  • Hospitals
  • City & County Emergency Operations
  • Health Care Agencies
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Churches
  • Beach Patrol Units
  • Food Pantries
  • Port Police Units
  • Medical Offices
  • Domestic Violence Shelters
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Native American Tribes
  • Marinas
  • Youth Shelters
  • Restaurants
  • Fishing Teams