MINNEAPOLIS (Jan. 12, 2004) — Masterfoods USA, one of the world’s leading food manufacturers, announced Monday its renewal of an FLW Outdoors sponsorship for the 2004 tournament season with its PEDIGREE ® Food for Dogs. PEDIGREE, the No. 1 dog food brand in the world, began sponsoring FLW Outdoors’ premier fishing tournaments during the 2003 season.

An FLW Outdoors sponsorship has become a major marketing tool for many of Masterfoods’ top-shelf brands like PEDIGREE. The key is the audience – an estimated 52 million Americans who fish each year and a rapidly growing base of tournament anglers who are known for their loyalty to products produced by FLW Outdoors sponsors.

“Our products are family-oriented; they are for families who really care for their pets,” said Alice Nathanson, public relations manager, for Masterfoods USA. “Through our sponsorship of FLW Outdoors, we are able to reach a wide range of sportsmen and their families who are pet owners.”

Masterfoods is among a growing list of innovative companies that have recognized professional fishing as a vital business, and it remains a sponsor of all six of FLW Outdoors’ varied fishing circuits including the Wal-Mart FLW Tour, the world’s most lucrative bass-tournament series; the EverStart Series, the pathway to the Wal-Mart FLW Tour; and the Wal-Mart Bass Fishing League for weekend anglers; the Wal-Mart Texas Tournament Trail; the Wal-Mart RCL Walleye Tour, the world’s most lucrative walleye-tournament series; and the Wal-Mart RCL Walleye League for weekend anglers.

As an FLW Outdoors sponsor, PEDIGREE will be featured in a variety of media formats – most notably the “FLW Outdoors” television program on the Outdoor Life Network, which is broadcast to 65 million subscribers. Sponsors also benefit from prominent advertisements and news features in FLW Outdoors Magazine and at Further publicity opportunities at FLW Outdoors include sponsor-specific product displays in the Family Fun Zone, signage at tournaments, angler-award programs, as well as other promotional and public-relations materials.

The PEDIGREE brand will expand its sponsorship during the 2004 season with a professional fishing team to be announced at a later date. Team members can be seen on tournament waters in specially designed NASCAR-style Ranger boats. During the last two days of competition at FLW Tour events, these PEDIGREE boats are towed by matching Chevy Trailblazers emblazoned with the PEDIGREE logo.

Masterfoods USA participates in the Family Fun Zone, a free event open to the public that is held at all Wal-Mart FLW Tour events. The Family Fun Zone offers sponsors a one-of-a-kind product display for Wal-Mart customers; during the 2004 season at the Fun Zone, there will be demonstrations of specially trained dogs.

Irwin Jacobs, chairman of FLW Outdoors, said: “PEDIGREE is a widely recognized brand name that can reach millions of families through its sponsorship of FLW Outdoors. We are proud to have PEDIGREE as a sponsor and to be able to provide them with access to one of the most loyal group of fans in the country.”

Masterfoods USA, the United States food, snack and petcare operations of Mars, Incorporated, is one of the world’s leading food manufacturers. With more than $5 billion in annual sales, the combined food, pet-care and snack segments are a symbol of excellence for quality brands. Headquartered in Hackettstown, NJN.J.,, Masterfoods USA owns some of the world’s favorite brands including "M&M's"® Brand, SNICKERS® Brand, UNCLE BEN'S® Brand, PEDIGREE® Brand Food For Dogs, WHISKAS® Brand Food For Cats, and SEEDS OF CHANGE®.

Mars, Incorporated, Inc. is a privately- held, family-owned company that produces some of the world’s leading confectionery, food, pet-care, beverage and electronics products and operates in more than 60 countries. Headquartered in McLean, VirginiaVa., Mars employs more than 7,000 associates in the United States (or 30,000 associates worldwide), with 15 manufacturing facilities nationwide (or more than 75 manufacturing facilities worldwide). The company’s global sales exceed $15 billion annually.

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