Monster Trout Caught

Monster Speckled Trout Landed on Indian River

This gorgeous speckled gator trout is a BOFFF (big old fat fecund female). A BOFFF is a highly valued member of the population as they can produce the majority of eggs in a population, have higher quality eggs, and their eggs have more successful hatch rates. Trout typically spawn March-October with two spawning peaks, the strongest one in early June and a weaker one in late August. Trout are multiple batch spawners, meaning within a spawning season individuals spawn many times. The BOFFF's have the potential to spawn more frequently and more effectively along with having significantly higher egg production compared to their younger, smaller counterparts. This fish was 37”, caught on the Indian River and successfully released back into the water, which is always a great choice for conserving a valued fish and fishery. Recreational fishery landings for trout are high skewed toward females with females being 80% of the total catch in all Florida bays from 2002-2016. Thanks for sharing this amazing catch, Iwan Thomas @iwanover