National Bass West is hosting four “Open” Team Tournaments on the Central Coast. The first one is at Lake Naciemento near Paso Robles, CA. March 18, 2006. Valley Cycle and Marine the Central Valley Skeeter Dealer will host the BBQ for all participants at Naci.

Entry fee is $130 per team plus any options you choose. The options we offer are as follows:
Top Gun $20. This option is “winner take all”.
Red White and Blue $20
This option is a flight option. When you are divided into flight your flight will be assigned a color, red, white or blue. If you have the heaviest weight in that flight you win one third of the money in the RW&B option. You don’t have to win the tournament to win your flight.
Big Bass $20
Self Explanatory
Top 3 $20
Finish in the top 3 for that tournament and you get a percentage of that money
Top 5 $20
Finish in the top 5 and get a percentage of that money
Super Top Gun $40
This is a high roller and a “winner takes all” option.
The total options available are $140. All option money is 100 percent payback

The four events will be held at:
Lake Naciemento March 18, 2006
Santa Margarita Lake April 22, 2006
Lake Nacimento May 6, 2006
Santa Margarita June 10, 2006

This four event series will provide the opportunity for the top 50 percent of the field to qualify for the Championship the Delta October 7th and 8th. If your team fishes all four events, becomes a member in good standing of National Bass West and finishes in the top 50 percent of the average field your team will qualify to fish the championship at the Delta out of Russo’ Landing. The cost of membership is $35 per angler.

For more information please contact John Barron at 909-263-7185 or