National Bass West goes 100%

Due to the recent and tragic economic crisis that we Americans are experiencing, National Bass West has made a very tough decision. Noting that we have had great success with our guaranteed payout, we cannot take the risk of guaranteeing a payback based on 50 teams participating. We have decided to have a 100% payback instead of the guaranteed payout.

I have advertised many times that it is because of our sponsorship money we have been able to guarantee our payout, no matter how many teams participate having had enough sponsorship money in the past to cover any shortcomings that we would have at a tournament, this season some, not all, of our sponsors are cutting back. This could leave National Bass West financially in the red at some events. We do still have Last Chance Bait and Tackle to sponsor the DVL region, Frank Motors to sponsor the San Diego Region, White Cap to sponsor the Southwest Region and River Marine is still donating the SKEETER ZX190 powered by a YAMAHA 150 hpdi for our 2009 Havasu Classic.

We made a positive decision that we still wanted to have one of the best payouts for team tournaments, so we have gone back to our 100% payout that we had prior to our guaranteed payout.

At 40 teams we will still payout the $6,000 guarantee and then for each additional team the dollar amount goes up $150. So at 50 paid teams we will payout $7,500 total payout for entry and then 100% of options on top of that.


Mike and Lynne Peterson National Bass West