Netting Fish Child's Play

Frabill Trophy Haul™ Makes Netting Fish Child's Play


Grand Prairie, TX

Frabill's Trophy Haul™ net set the fishing industry on its ear with its new cutting-edge technology. The revolutionary handled yoke was designed so any angler could net trophy fish and handle these large powerful monsters without risk of losing the catch of a lifetime. Subduing prized catches is now child's play.

That's exactly what catfish guide Brad Durick discovered. He and his 9-year-old son, Braden, made an annual scouting trip on the waters that Brad guides on right after the snow melts to check out this year's hot spots.

Braden is usually assigned the job of wrestling the monster channel catfish to the boat, and Brad does the netting. However, on this trip, Braden asked if they could switch roles. Braden insisted he could handle the net. Brad fought the next lunker cat to the boat, and Braden deftly scooped it up using the Trophy Haul's design advantages to lift the thrashing catfish into the boat. He netted the rest of the catfish that day like he'd been doing it his whole life! Even inexperienced anglers can net like a pro with the revolutionary Trophy Haul™ net.

The Trophy Haul™ Series combines 80 years of expertise and cutting-edge technology to bring you the next groundbreaking advancement in fishing nets. A revolutionary handled yoke adds a second grip and equalizes the pressure to improve balance and remove extra stress. All Trophy Haul™ nets include conservation netting with Lockdown™ asymmetrical net design that immediately shifts the weight of the fish closer to the handle and a MeshGuard™ hoop. Available in multiple hoop sizes to accommodate whatever species you're targeting, including trout, bass, panfish, walleye, salmon, redfish and catfish.

Product Features:

  • Handled yoke adds balance and removes stress

  • Lockdown™ asymmetrical, flat-bottomed net

  • Fish-friendly conservation netting

  • Improved net control with Securi-tab™

  • Over-molded rubber grips

  • Available in:

    • 18" x 21" hoop size, 48" handle

    • 21" x 24" hoop size, 48" handle

    • 24" x 27" hoop size, 48" handle

    • 18" x 21" hoop size, 38-72" handle

    • 21" x 24" hoop size, 38-72" handle

    • 24" x 27" hoop size, 38-72" handle

    • 27" x 30" hoop size, 72" handle


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