***New*** eBrochure Gallery Launched on WesternBass!!!

WesternBass is pleased to announce a new feature that we created for our site users called the “eBrochure Gallery”. This new section of the site will allow you the fishermen to see full product brochures, and see what each manufacturer offers without the need to wait for a particular trade show. WesternBass will host these individual brochures for full one year increments. This will include boat & motor manufacturers, electronics, marine accessories, all types of fishing gear, resorts, guide services or any other fishing related businesses.

“Our goal is to have a full Gallery of eBrochures for our site users to peruse at their leisure. These eBrochures can have embedded video, hyperlinks directly back to the company’s website, and social media badges integrated right into the brochures” said Wayne Wasulko, President of WesternBass. “It will be a multi-media experience similar to WesternBass Magazine.” For example: lure manufacturers can show all of their products in full color and then show how to rig or fish them utilizing modern day video technology. If you like the product and want to share it with friends, you can click “Like-it” and send that right to your Facebook page. You can also print any pages or specific page to take to your local store for ordering. Or you can access the company’s Facebook page with a click of the mouse.

WesternBass will work with companies to convert their static print brochures into an attractive eBrochure format. This will give companies the option to put their brochures on our site way before local trade show seasons and for many thousands of fishermen to enjoy and provide an education on the product line. This will give all a more interactive experience with potential customers like yourself who might want more information.


To access the eBrochure Gallery you can click on the “eBrochure” Tab on the home page or on the eBrochure Gallery tab in the WesternBass Resources section on the bar on the right side of the pages. We have made the selection in red.


For any of you who have factory ties and would like to participate, please have them contact John Caulfield.

For more information contact John Caulfield- Director of Sales at 916-417-7127