New recycling program protects water

The new Recycle & Restore mail-in program makes recycling easy and most importantly, safe for the environment.

Sign warning fishermen to not eat fish caught in area due to mercury contamination


Photo: Indiana Public Media


Brooklyn Center, MN- Did you know one teaspoon of Mercury can contaminate a 20 acre lake…forever? Wildlife Forever and Green Lights Recycling are issuing a national "Recycle & Restore™ " challenge with the goal to recycle 1,000,000 light bulbs in 2017. This exciting and innovative campaign works to protect Americas' vital water sources from mercury and heavy metal contamination.

Green Lights, is a leader in recycling all types of lights, batteries and computer hard drives. The new Recycle & Restore mail-in program makes recycling easy and most importantly, safe for the environment. With every Recycle & Restore mail-back recycling kit purchased, Green Lights will make a charitable donation to Wildlife Forever, America's leading multi-species conservation non-profit organization. Donated funds will help support Wildlife Forever's award winning programs teaching aquatic conservation education.

Each year, Green Lights Recycling processes millions of mercury containing fluorescent, LED lights and electronic items. They have successfully captured thousands of pounds of mercury and lead keeping it safely out of the environment.

"This program is critical to ensure safe recycling and more importantly clean drinking water. We are proud to be a part of the Recycle & Restore program", said Douglas Grann, President and CEO of Wildlife Forever.

Starting January 10th, everyone is encouraged to participate by visiting or Click on "Recycle & Restore". Join us to protect our waters from mercury and heavy metal contamination. Your support will help educate America's youth, and build stewardship in the next generation.

About Wildlife Forever (WF): Wildlife Forever's mission is to conserve America's wildlife heritage through conservation education, preservation of habitat and management of fish and wildlife. For 30 years, WF members have helped to conduct thousands of fish, game and habitat conservation projects across the country. To join or learn more about the award-winning programs, including work to engage America's youth, visit