NOAA Seeks Input on Recreational Fishing Plan

We are taking an important step in our management of saltwater recreational fisheries with the development of a Greater Atlantic Region Recreational Fisheries Implementation Plan. Our regional recreational implementation plan will be a blueprint of concrete actions to be taken in the northeast to implement the framework laid out in the National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Implementation Plan. We want your input to help us craft an implementation plan that addresses the issues of greatest concern to you, as well as your suggestions on how to best address those issues.

 As a part of our implementation plan, we are updating our regional action plan for the smart promotion and sustainable management of saltwater recreational fisheries in 2016 and 2017. We seek your ideas and input to ensure the action plan takes into account the fullest range of recreational fishing interests and activities throughout the Greater Atlantic Region. Please review the action plan for 2014-2015 and tell us how it can be improved and what we should do for recreational saltwater fishing in 2016-2017. For example:

  • What activities or services would you like to see expanded?
  • What activities or services have you found to be unnecessary?
  • Can you recommend approaches for improving our communication with the recreational fishing community?
  • What else do you wish we would do to support sustainable recreational opportunities?

The regional action plan builds upon NOAA Fisheries' National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Policy and National Implementation Plan, which provide a framework for development and maintenance of enduring high quality saltwater recreational fisheries throughout the nation. Also, the national policy expresses six guiding principles:

  • Support ecosystem conservation and enhancement.
  • Promote public access to quality recreational fishing opportunities.
  • Coordinate with state and federal management entities.
  • Advance innovative solutions to evolving science, management, and environmental challenges.
  • Provide scientifically sound and trusted social, cultural, economic, and ecological information.
  • Communicate and engage with the recreational fishing public.

We ask that you keep these principles in mind as you offer ideas for shaping management of recreational saltwater fisheries in the future.

Please include the recreational fisheries in which you participate and submit your comments to us at:>

Comment deadline is October 26, 2015. Contact the Region's Acting Recreational Fishing Coordinator, Mark Grant, at 978-281-9145, or the Northeast Fisheries Science Center's Recreational Fishing Coordinator, Dr. Earl Meredith, at 978-281-9276, if you have any questions.

Thank you for partnering with us to improve recreational fisheries.