The ORIGINAL Frog Only Tournament is HERE!

The original Frog Only tournament is back for 2021.

The Snag Proof Open jumps off at the California Delta on August 7 and 8.

The FROG ONLY tradition will test angler’s topwater techniques with their amphibian imitators on two different days, on two different tides.

The event will be hosted by Best Bass Tournaments (BBT) at Russo’s Marina.

“The Snag Proof Open is always a great place to meet up with old friends and to settle old fishing scores,” said Randy Pringle of BBT. “It is a fun event, based on camaraderie, which is BBT is all about. It is also some action in between the remainder of the BBT season and the Tournament of Champions (TOC).”

More on the BBT TOC below.


Makers of the Snag Proof frog – American Baitworks has added Scum Frogs to their line up and welcomed the brand into the frog tournament.

Registration can be done online or at Russo’s on the day of the event.

“We will be at the bottom of the marina, under the awnings,” shared Pringle. “We will also have frogs for sale in the same area on Saturday morning, Saturday evening and Sunday morning.”

With onsite frog sales, Delta froggers can fill their boats for the bass and then their own bellies at the event.

“We will have a BBQ booth available for purchases on Saturday and Sunday.

The Snag Proof Open boasts a 100% payback of both entries and options to the competing anglers and continues to offer PRO TEAMS and AM TEAMS divisions.


Anglers will be challenged by polar opposite tides, launching into the bottom of the low on Saturday and blasting off at the top of the high on Sunday. Pringle offered some tips for the fierce frog competition.

“On the low tide, I would focus on the fringe of the heavy cover where the bass will be waiting for the water to rise,” he explained. “I would look for areas with deep water access that had current bumping into the bends or the heavy weeds.

“On the high, there will be a great falling tide and a good morning bite. I would look for the fish to be up on the bank as far as they can be.”


To keep all spectators in on the frog fun, this year BBT will be offering some sideline action.

“We are going to have some added contests on the BBT website available to everyone, even those not fishing,” said Pringle. “There will be things like ‘guess the weight’ contests and other ways to win prizes announced on the site. It can be accessed through the BBT site, by clicking on the Snag Proof Open.”


This year the BBT TOC will be held at Don Pedro. The top 40 percent of teams that competed in at least four events in each division will qualify for the yearend championship. Teams need seven events to qualify through the Travelers Division.

“There are a few tournaments remaining in some of the BBT divisions for anyone that needs to pick up another event or two for Travelers,” said Pringle. “For divisional qualifications, the top 40 percent is counted with the best five events; so, there is one throw out, for those that fished six. The best five or four is counted in the tally of the top 40 percent, you must have fished a minimum of 4 events in one region to be considered in the 40%. If you aren’t in the top 40 percent of your division, you can always fish a couple events in another division to get the seven to enter through Travelers.

“Whether it is the Snag Proof Open or the BBT events, we are here to bring the fun to bass fishing; so, come on out and join us,” said Pringle.


  • AUGUST 7 & 8