Outdoor and Recreation-Focused Streaming Service

Caliber Video,’ the Outdoor and Recreation-Focused Streaming Service by Everest

The Woodlands Texas, December 4, 2020 - Everest.com recently released its brand new outdoor-focused streaming service Caliber Video earlier this November, which features world-class movies, documentaries, and channels about all things outdoors. Currently, Caliber Video hosts over 3,000 unique pieces of video content covering topics from firearms, survival, hunting, product reviews, and more.

“The creation of CaliberVideo and Everest Originals came from the desire to build a strong community within the Everest marketplace and to provide more value for our Caliber members,” says Bill Voss, CEO/Founder of Everest. “We have developed a unique marketplace where outdoor enthusiasts can shop hundreds of thousands of outdoor-related products while also consuming content in line with their passions and lifestyle.”

Alongside Caliber Video, Everest will be launching Everest Originals. These programs will be feature films, docu-series, reality shows, documentaries, animated films, and short films all produced by Everest and featuring Academy Award-winning talent. Upcoming series will include No Chucks Given (featuring Chuck Liddell), Gray Ghost, and A Silent Voice.

Memberships to Caliber Video start at $9.99 a month and will include (in addition to streaming content) free shipping on eligible products, discounts on gear, a free Everest t-shirt, and more. Check out the Caliber Membership Page to see the full list of perks. As a special offer for Black Friday, every new annual membership subscription will get a 25$ Everest Gift card, valid Friday Nov 27th through the end of Sunday Nov 29th.


About Everest.com:

We are a community down to our core. Everest is a community of like-minded, conservation-loving, outdoor living retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers. We are a customer-centric, community-driven, multi-merchant marketplace that supports each other and believes in passing down the great legacies that were passed on to us. Everest offers members Caliber Memberships, giving users the opportunity to enjoy significant benefits for participating in the Everest community. Join us today in our efforts to become the world's largest marketplace for the hunting, fishing, shooting sports, and general outdoor gear space.

Everest’s mission is to create the leading online marketplace for the outdoor world, a place where retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers can buy and sell goods free of the noise and discrimination of those other sites. We wanted to build something different, yet very familiar understanding and appreciating the power of community - and that's why Everest is the first customer-first, community-driven platform focusing on the outdoor lifestyle. Join us today in our efforts to become the world's largest online marketplace for those that live outdoors.