Panoptx joins the family

National Bass West and NBW News are very proud of the companies we associate with. Our family of sponsors and advertisers represent companies committed to the fishing community. But, it’s always good to see our family grow with more quality companies. That is why we are proud to announce that PanOptx, makers of some of the finest quality sunglasses on the market, has decided to join with National Bass West.

PanOpx is known as a leading supplier of sunglasses for snow skiers and motorcycle riders; in fact, they are the leading brand of sunglasses for Harley riders next to Harley brand glasses.

PanOptx saw a need for their eyewear in the fishing industry and have been working for the past couple years developing their sunglasses for the marine use. They took into consideration the amount of glare anglers are exposed to everyday on the water and the need to see clearly through the water when sight fishing.

The company developed sunglasses that fit the needs of every angler, freshwater or saltwater. These sunglasses are comfortable, have the highest quality lenses, and are stylish. But they do so much more.

PanOptx sunglasses are speed rated. That’s right, you purchase either SR 100 or SR 75 glasses. The SR 100 keeps wind out of your eyes when you’re blistering the water trying to get to your next fishing spot. This will reduce the number of times you blink your eyes, providing a higher level of safety. It will also keep your eyes from watering on those long, fast boat rides – another safety factor.

The SR 75 allows a bit more air to get through and work very well for those who aren’t spending as much time blazing across the water.

The SR 100 convertibles are amazing. They seal tight around your eyes to keep your vision clear at high speeds, but once you stop to fish, a light pressure at the corner and the seal pops out, providing you with excellent fitting regular-type sunglasses. Simply pop the seal back in and you’re ready trim it up and hit it hard.

Another great feature of the Panoptx marine sunglasses is their protective coating that helps water to flow off, keeping lenses cleaner without having to take them off to wipe them off, or driving unsafely with water coated lenses.

Of course, you may be wondering what good all of this is if you wear prescription glasses. It turns out that Panoptx offers prescription sunglasses. Simply provide them your prescription and your new sunglasses can be sent to your home.

One of the keys to the success of Panoptx has to do with their understanding of the human eye and what causes problems.

People get eye fatigue and headaches because the eyes are trying to decode a lot of information. Panoptx sunglasses reduced the amount of information the eyes are deciphering, making it easier on the eyes and the brain. This reduces eye strain and headaches. Panoptx claims that wearing quality sunglasses in the daytime will also reduce night vision problems.

Panoptx even offers transition-type lenses that work extremely well in all light conditions. They stay dark in bright sunlight and lighten up as sunlight is reduced in cloud cover or as the sun sets.

Scott Martin, son of the famous Roland Martin, is an excellent angler in his own right. He has been offered many sponsorships from numerous companies, but he chose to work with Panoptx because he found that after wearing their sunglasses for several days his headaches were gone. Now Martin is their biggest supporter.

Panoptx has joined the National Bass West family of sponsors.

We look forward to growing with National Bass West,” Lance Meller, of Panoptx said. “National Bass West is quickly becoming the leading team tournament circuit in the West and we are excited about growing together.”

“Panoptx is a great company,” said John Barron, president of National Bass West. “They have been working a long time to develop their line of marine sunglasses. I know they are committed to providing the best possible product for the anglers. Their sunglasses provide excellent protection, enhance safety, and will benefit the angler’s productivity. National Bass West is proud to have Panoptx on our team.”

During the next season, Panoptx will give away a pair of sunglasses to the team first out of the money at every team tournament. For those who purchase Panoptx sunglasses and win a National Bass West tournament, they only have to fill out a simple form, mail it in and Panoptx will refund the money you paid for your sunglasses.

To sweeten the pot a little more, Panoptx is also offering another prize for the winners of the Havasu Classic. The winning team will get to have Chad Martin guide them on Lake Okeechobee in Florida, out of Roland Martin’s marina and resort.

If you haven’t tried Panoptx, you haven’t tried the best. Go to to learn more about the amazing eyewear offered by Panoptx.