Persuader American introduces The Bleeding Minnow

New spinner bait series from industry leader

Here's the thrid preview from the recent 2005 ICAST/Las Vegas show. The color red has proven to be a key element for lure manufacturer's recently and Persuader American has added a new spinner bait that is fully utilizes red in the Bleeding Minnow.

After extensive research and a multitude of consumer requests, Persuader American Angling of Danville, California is now introducing their new like of spinner baits known as 'THE BLEEDING MINNOW'. This new product series is available in both a 3/8 ounce and a 1/2 ounce weight, and comes available with either red or gold or red and white blade colors, Mustad long shank ultra point red hooks and white/red silicone Bio-flex 'Nature Scales' skirts. Even the eyes are molded red in color.

This new spinner bait is designed to create the image of an injured/bleeding minnow, which all mature bass look at as an 'easy prey'. Most bass and other game fish display a genuine feeding frenzy when shown a bleeding bait. The 'BLEEDING MINNOW' answers that call.

Pro Staff angler Randy Pringle says, "Since the color triggers a strike as injured prey, the Bleeding Minnow from Persuader is injured minnow realism at its best. I've found this lure to be a top producer for me because of its red/blood colored images."

The 'BLEEDING MINNOW' also features a hologram powder painted head to minimize chipping and Worth ball-bearing swivels. Further, it includes an .035 gauge stainless wire for maximum vibration.

This product line is manufactured in Persuader American Angling's Yuba City, California facility. They are scheduled for availability beginning July 25, 2005.

Persuader American Angling also manufactures a line of other spinner baits, soft plastics, swim baits and jig baits under the Persuader brand, as well as it's famous Pro Assassinator 'Clacker Blade' Spinner Baits and Pro Assassinator 'Premium' Spinner Baits.

For further information or questions, please contact Persuader American Angling by e-mail at or by telephone at (925) 820-5543. They also have a website accessed at