ProFloat™ Enters Market With Fishing’s Premier Rod Flotation Device

Dallas, Texas: September 4, 2003 - Entrepreneur Pete Riebel has announced the new market introduction of ProFloat, an easy to install device designed to keep rods afloat should a fishing mishap occur.

“ProFloat was designed to protect the fishing experience for family outings as well as for avid fishermen who may have a significant investment in their equipment,” announced Mr. Riebel.

The device, which can easily be installed by virtually anyone capable of using a pair of pliers, will fit most adult and youth size rods, for both right and left-handed fishing enthusiasts.

Inventor Pete Riebel came up with the idea to insure that rods won’t sink and to “save what might otherwise be a memorable fishing experience, gone bad by a quick moment of inattention.”

Tom Austin, President of helped Pete develop his idea and ultimately, take it to market. “I like to utilize my engineering background and Air Force fighter-pilot tenacity to help inventors like Pete help make their ideas become a reality” said Tom. “You know, there is an inventor in most of us, but sometimes we just need a little help in working through the process.”

Unlike other products, ProFloat is designed in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with the balance or ability to hold the rod comfortably, and is positioned close to the handle of the rod. “It is a lightweight, injection-molded device that is also filled with a closed cell foam similar to what you might find under a floating dock” indicated Pete Riebel. Once the bright orange device is affixed to the rod with a clamp, it will float - even if the device itself is damaged.

ProFloat is available now at for a $15.99 retail price, plus (Texas) tax, shipping and handling. ProFloat is scheduled to debut in major retail stores in late 2003.