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The Reins Bubbling Shaker is a ribbed style soft plastic worm displaying characteristics that make it ideal for the drop shot technique. The Bubbling Shaker is a finesse worm that delivers an interesting design feature rarely seen in the United States. The tail possesses a unique bubble pin tail that vibrates and shakes vigorously as it floats through the water. The vibration and movement of the tail attracts the attention of small forage species of fish such as bluegill and shad that bass feed upon. As the bait begins to gather, it draws big bass in to investigate. Once the worm grabs their attention, the lifelike wiggle of the lure entices strikes - it's a great choice on difficult days when the fish aren't cooperating. The Bubbling Shaker contains large amounts of salt and Shrimp scent.

Regular Price: $5.49 On Sale for $4.29, now through Monday at midnight. 8/29/2016