“Repairing Plastic Swim-Baits” REALLY?

There is nothing like a day catching some Bass, Stripers and Muskies on the newest and hottest soft plastic swim baits on the market is there? Trouble is those soft~plastic hand poured swim baits just don’t hold together like they should once you catch one to three fish on them like those durable wood and plastic baits that seem to last forever? After enjoying the fight for a few minutes with all that shaking of heads and leaping all over the place you catch and release your fish with that big grin on your face only to find your swim bait is slightly torn or somewhat obliterated and possibly un-fishable. You might have said to your buddy, well that’s it for that $14.00 bait and now what bait shall I fish with for the rest of the day! This scenario happens everyday and not with just swim baits in the fishing world but, all types of soft~plastic baits that Mr. & Mrs. Bass, Striper or Musky wants in that particular color that is torn and shredded beyond usage that day.

These swim baits are expensive and most start around $8.00 and as high as $49.95 and more, each. But, they are definitely worth it because they catch fish right? Right! Wow, it doesn't take long to do the math after a few of these swim baits are on your boats floor and it's time to go home because you need to go to your local tackle store and purchase some more swim baits to drain your wallet so you can catch more bass for next week-end because us fisherman are the most optimistic bunch and will do almost anything to catch more fish.

So, does price prevent some Fisherman from purchasing these fish catching swim baits? We definitely know it does after speaking to fisherman who call for an order and ask us if PRO’s Soft~Bait Fishing Glue® will repair them as they plan their trips to Texas, El Salto, Mexico or last week a fella was heading to South America for Peacock Bass and other destinations and we proudly answer them with an honest, YES it will. Just a few swim bait manufacturer’s PRO’s Soft~Bait Fishing Glue® has successfully repaired to date are, Huddleston Deluxe, Optimum, Osprey’s, Storm WildEye’z, BullDog (musky), Charlie - (MegaBaits) extremelures.com, Mr. Twister, Sassy shads, Mann’s, Castaic’s (ALL) and many more which would take up more room than or time than we have the room for.

Your problem is now SOLVED! If you have some PRO's Soft~Bait Fishing Glue® on board you can fix these soft plastic swim baits in mere seconds and be fishing again within a minute and your baits will be practically new and as flexible as new I might add. You can also reinforce some factory boo boo’s too that have created a hogged out hole bigger than it should be where the hooks are inserted. Just pre-rig them with a small drop, hold together for a few seconds, wipe off excess and start fishing with a much tougher rigged bait that won’t tear as easily. We've repaired them time and time again and for weeks on end and saved lots of money while fishing for Largemouth bass and Stripers in our fresh water impoundments and the Chesapeake Bay. Just visit our website below and view our Swim baits repaired in our Photo Example Section.

We hope that PRO’s Soft~Bait Glue® will keep your fishing more enjoyable and you are able to spend more time on the water and save you money by getting more mileage from your soft~plastic swim baits.

Great Fishing to you all!

Mike Rice
www.prosoftbaitglue.com <>p> Contact: mike@prosoftbaitglue.com Or Order today: 1-888-433-3644 EST
PS Guaranteed to bond and not dry up for 1 year under normal conditions!