Rig Walker builds on River2Sea’s swimbait reputation

The new Rig Walker soft lure is built on the foundation of River2Sea’s highly popular Bottom Walker swimbaits and has been designed to perform on castable umbrella rigs, like its own Bumbershoot by Elite Series pro, John Murray

With a forward line tie and newly designed tail section, the Rig Walker comes in five packs and is designed to arm anglers with the lures they need to load their castable umbrella rig to the ‘teeth’.

Ish Monroe is another River2Sea pro staff member who created a spectacular lure – the Biggie. It looks like a normal crankbait, but it isn’t. The Biggie BR is a fast floating version with a loud rattle. Its ability to rise quickly – one foot per second – gives it a unique action. With a slow retrieve it can be fished just under the surface, while heavily shaking its tail. However, if you give it a few twitches it goes deeper, up to four feet, and it stays there. You can also let it pop up to the surface and start twitching it again. It comes in two sizes, 5.7 cm (perch) and 6.7 cm (pike).

Another new soft bait from the company is the Bully Wa, which is said to be ‘perfect’ for fishing on top of matted weeds. Its unique keel-shaped design allows it to walk over open water with ease. With River2Sea’s improved water seal on the hook shanks, Bully Wa is described as one of the most versatile frogs on the market. Its new bead featured on the belly of the frog minimises the amount of water that enters during the retrieve, yet allows air to escape on hookset.

Fishing pro, Scott Martin, tuned the famous Rover topwater lure into a dynamic walking bait that helped him to win the $600,000 in the 2011 Forrest Wood Cup. Martin tail weighted the lure to slightly elevate the face – giving the $600K Rover a whole new action.

In Europe, topwater lures are becoming more and more popular because of the spectacular strikes from predators like asp (Rapfen in Germany) or European seabass (Wolfbarsch in Germany and Bar in France).

In its jointed baits offering, River2Sea has introduced four new striking colours for the S-Waver to its 2013 line-up. The company says: “Featuring a natural ‘S-Action’ swimming motion, it will seductively wake the surface and call big gamefish in for a closer look. The S-Waver is so effective for catching pike and other predator fish because it is a perfect imitation of a wounded, dying baitfish and that is the kind of bait the predator is hunting for.

“Hold your rod tip up and S-Waver is a surface lure, allow the bait to sink slowly and the S-Action continues under water.”

The S-Action swimming motion is created by River2Sea’s exclusive Pin and Tenon Hinge and accentuated by the S-Waver’s soft PVC tail.

Alongside the 20 cm are new sizes of the Dumbbell Popper. The smaller ones of 11 cm and 15 cm have been added to the company’s Saltwater Popper portfolio. They are topwater poppers that have been designed to cast long distance, pop loudly and then hang on to any fish that bites.

The heavy weight and aerodynamic shape gives them great casting distance even in windy conditions. The large, concave painted mouth pops huge volumes of water, making them one of the noisiest lures on the market

Durable, they are tough enough to outlast cubera, ulua, roosterfish, dorado and all other species that respond to a topwater lure.

They comes in three models:

  • • DP 110 (1oz , 4 3/8ins) with two River2Sea (TN) 3X Strong Treble #2 hooks;
  • • DP 150 (2 1/4oz, 6ins) with Two River2Sea (TN) 3X Strong Treble # 1/0 hooks;
  • • DP 200 (4 3/8oz, 7 7/8ins) with Two River2Sea (TN) Strong Treble # 3/0 hooks.